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Thanks Judge Jim, and welcome aboard. Good luck in future tournaments! Jul 18, 2014

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Apr 24, 2018 at 8:49 AM
    1. KenSmith
      Thanks Judge Jim, and welcome aboard. Good luck in future tournaments!
    2. Judge Jim
      Judge Jim
      I'm new here.
      Is great and I appreciate it.
      Last night(7/17/14) I played in my very first BJ tournament at the Rising Star in Rising Sun, IN
      I won! Thank you Ken Smith for your work! I learned a lot by reading your articles.
      To my knowledge there aren't many tournaments in my area but I hope for more opportunities in the future.
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    3. KenSmith
    4. Counselorlee
      Ken, what are "points" and how did I 18?
    5. Nabob_127
      Ken there is a 30K bj tournament on Valentine*s Day wkend with a buy in of 299.00 and the winnings will only be promo chips from what I got from the reservation dept. However I have not spoken to a host or pit boss or any one who can confirm this for she says it is invite with 3 day rooms comp. IDK. Let me hear from the bj world plz. tyvm. This is being held at the tropicana in vegas.
    6. double down d
      double down d
      Any postings for November tournaments?
      1. KenSmith
        Check the Event Calendar. At the top of your screen, click on Tournaments and look around. You can easily change the search options to suit you.
        Oct 22, 2013
    7. Pine Tree
      Pine Tree
      Hi Ken
      I have a question about "Private Messages." Are they private, or can anyone access them?

      I just sent a "private message" to Sandy Eggo in which I mentioned she was going in for a short hospital stay. She had freely told me about her upcoming hospital visit, but she didn't indicate that the info was for general distribution. She might not even care, but I don't know. I sent my message to her and wanted to check it, so I clicked on Private Messages in the upper right corner, clicked on Sent Items and then clicked her name as Recipient. I was able to read my message to her and a message she sent to "Thomas," and a message she received from "Underdog 92019."

      I was shocked to see that other people might be able to see the message I sent to her in which I mention her going into the hospital. I had also sent her some tips on the Hawaiian Gardens Casino blackjack tournament that I didn't want to make available to everyone.

      So, are the Private Messages private?
    8. PhxSam
      I see some long time tournament players on 6/5 tables saying its ok
      because they double BJs. How bad is that?
    9. ANDY 956
      ANDY 956
      Hi Ken,
      The post reply message function does not appear to be working correctly from my end.

    10. ANDY 956
      ANDY 956
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