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Discussion in 'Roulette Tournament Strategy' started by John Smith, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. John Smith

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    I think that playing on a computer in a casino is different than playing on an actual table and wheel, because the computer program can be written in such a way that if you pick most of the betting locations, it will start landing on the ones you don't pick. Take a look around a casino. you will notice that for card and board games, there are more electronic games than physical games. The reason for this is because they can't build all of those beautiful places if they are giving away money to too many people.
  2. gronbog

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    While cheating on the electronic games would be a way to ensure profits, it's unlikely to be happening. The games are already designed in favour of the house and the incompetence of most of the players eliminates any need for the house to cheat.

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