$1000 FreeRoll BJT Members Only!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by KenSmith, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    All Filled Up!

    Congrats cmonseven for nabbing the last spot! I'm pretty pleased with the rapid way we filled this tournament up. Next time I guess we'll need more than 60 seats.
  2. tgun

    tgun Member

    120 or bust

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for your first tournament; I'm looking forward to it. Also glad to hear that your planning a second, even bigger, one. You could try the following:

    1st Round: 120 = 24 tables X 5 players (1 advances)
    Semi Round: 25 = 5 tables X 5 players (+ 1 wildcard)
    Final Round: 5 = 1 table X 5 players

    With enough notice I think I could get 10 or so players to sign up. I'm sure others would also help you fill it up.

    Hope you have many good variances,
  3. BuckHawk75

    BuckHawk75 New Member

    Check your email for tournament update

    Everyone signed up for Ken's Sunday Freeroll online BJ tournament at Global Player - check your email for an update. Apparently GP is undergoing an update on Saturday that you'll want to check out before the Sunday tourney.

    Good luck to all!

  4. Springbac

    Springbac Member

    Global Player link

    I did receive the e mail from Global Player concerning the update, but my stored address link does not take me to the popup window where the update can be obtained. Can someone please provide the address to me please. Thanks for any & all help
  5. BuckHawk75

    BuckHawk75 New Member

    RE:GP link

    When I got onto Global Player today, I didn't see anything about the upgrade, either, it just loaded as usual. Maybe they didn't get the upgrade done as quickly as expected.

    Has anyone else gotten the upgrade downloaded?

  6. hitstreak23

    hitstreak23 New Member

    Error during Upgrade

    I just tried to upgrade to the new software and it gave me an error so they must be having problems with the download process...
  7. Hollywood

    Hollywood New Member

    Me, too

    its 1 am PST and i'm still getting the error message... lets hope they get this fixed in the next 11 hours so everything goes off without a hitch!
  8. BuckHawk75

    BuckHawk75 New Member

    RE: GP tourney

    Okay, I just got the upgrade popup and allegedly got the upgrade at 1:14am PST.

    I hope that this won't mess up any tournament entrants!

  9. tahoewolf

    tahoewolf New Member


    Tried it 15 minutes after CJ and it failed again. Four tries to download and it still says "Downloaded module missing or corrupt. The system cannot find the file specified."

    I'll try again in a couple of hours. Good luck to everybody!

  10. tahoewolf

    tahoewolf New Member

    Reload Software

    I uninstalled the GP Software from my computer and downloaded it again from their site. After re-installation, it doesn't mention an update when logging in. I can only assume their latest version includes the update.

  11. Jackaroo

    Jackaroo New Member

    Download Problem

    I got the pop-up and tried about 11:45 pm last night. Got the same error message as Tahoewolf. Sent an email (time on it was 1:33am EST) to support at GP explaining the problem and asking how I would recognize the new version during play.

    This am the reply was in my In-box. Excerpt from the message: “Unfortunately there seem to be some minor problems with the update but it should be fixed very soon. As soon as the down load is ready we will let you know.” The time on the email was 6:17 am. No answer to what was new in the upgrade.

    That would make it 4:14 am EST which is before the reply I got above. I tried the download again at about an hour ago—same results. Called the phone # in the email, got the machine, left message.

    Tahoewolf, the title bar at the top of the welcome screen that comes up after opening the application shows the software version: the old one was (and mine still reads) “Global Player Casino”

    The new version (stated on the download pop-up) is, so presumably if you got the new version in your uninstall/re-install it should read “Global Player Casino” in the title bar. Does it? (BTW, did you download the basic version or the full version?)

    Same applies to BuckHawk75 and everyone else also, of course. Does anybody see the new version in the title bar?

  12. Jackaroo

    Jackaroo New Member

    Download successful!

    Just finished download a few minutes ago while in chatroom w/GPC rep, Pumi.
    New version now shows.

    Pumi is in lobby chat room now answering my queries as to what is new.

  13. tahoewolf

    tahoewolf New Member


    Yes, I've got the new version across the Title Bar. And I did reload the full version.
  14. cmonseven

    cmonseven New Member


    On the Global Player, it gave me 100 comp points. What are these points good for? Or I should say, what can these be used for? It's not like I could use them for dinner or a day at the spa :D .

    Just wondering.
  15. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    We're getting close...

    If you haven't logged in to the casino yet to get the update, do so now. The update could take several minutes over dial-up connections, and you definitely want to have that out of the way before the tournament.
    (There's less than 2 hours left before the event begins.)

    Once you get the update, you'll need to close the casino software, and open it again. As others have noted, you can tell that you're running the new version by looking at the version number in the title bar of the casino software. It should read

    While we've had a few hiccups with this process, I appreciate that GP is taking our suggestions to make these events run better. The latest version of software addressed a complaint we had in previous events, that you couldn't tell if your opponents had surrendered their hand, until after the hand. Now you can tell immediately.

    c7, Here's a reference about those comp points.
    Basically, if you're playing in the casino during the month, they'll give you an extra 50c for every day you've logged in ($1 the first time each month). I log in pretty much every day, even if I'm not planning to play. Hey, 50c is 50c!
  16. tahoewolf

    tahoewolf New Member

    System Hang Up ?

    I've been sitting at my table, which includes Ken21 for a half hour. Only 4 players. Nothing is happening. Anybody else have this problem. Oh, and I can't get into Chat either.
  17. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Yep, a few tables are started. (The ones with 5 players.)
    I'll post more in a few mins.
  18. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

  19. Big C 62

    Big C 62 New Member

    Errors Message

    Is anyone still playing????

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