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  1. pergo56

    pergo56 Member

    Hey Bear,

    Can you explain more about these tournaments that are comming up.

  2. bear

    bear New Member

    $10,000 Blackjackbowl


    Glad you asked! But first, allow me to say thanks for playing at Blackjack 21. Your class and style of play is widely respected and appreciated on our tables.

    We expect and hope you'll be one of the finalists in the BLACKJACKBOWL!

    Oh yeah, the BLACKJACKBOWL.... what's all that about?

    Well, it’s about $10,000 dollars! Should I say more….?

    This week the Blackjack Tournament Season at Blackjack 21 will kickoff. The tournament season consists of weekly 'Playoffs' and monthly 'Championships' on the road to the BLACKJACKBOWL.

    We'll be hosting a couple 'Blackjack Playoffs’ each week for the next five months. The 'Playoffs' offer some nice, cash-heavy prize purses for the top places, plus we'll be awarding 1st place, and possibly 2nd, a free seat into the monthly 'Championship.’ A Seat in the ‘Championship’ currently has a $99 value.

    We’ll be hosting a ‘Blackjack Championship,’ once a month for the next five months. The monthly 'Championship' prize purse will be infused with $1,000 on top of all the entry fees. BIG POTS!!! And, each ‘Championship’ tourney we’ll be giving 6 Free Seats into the BLACKJACKBOWL for an opportunity to compete for $10,000. Those seats currently have a $250 value.

    These tournaments will build progressively, pots and entry fees, as we get closer to the main event. So, players are encouraged to earn your seats now.

    And for those of you who don’t know, ask London_Colin and Pergo56 about the money they’ve been winning at Blackjack 21. The player pool has grown significantly and so has the opportunity to cash in.

    The $10,000 BLACKJACKBOWL caps the season off in late February/early March, with the playoffs beginning tomorrow night (Oct. 2nd 9:30pm EST) and Thursday afternoon (Oct. 4th 4:30pm EST). For more details contact the Customer Service Dept. or go to Blackjack 21.

    Our Loyalty Point Program, or perhaps more aptly stated... “Yours,” will be rolling out this month also. So, you’ll now be able to earn as you play. Details can be found at Blackjack 21.

    We’ve got new merchant options for you to choose from as well so Deposit today! Visit our cashier for details.

    If you're reading this then it's safe to say you’re an avid blackjack tournament player. And, If you're looking for a traditional game offering lucrative outcomes… then, visit Blackjack 21 today! There is no better time to hone your skills than right now. The Blackjack Tournament Season begins tomorrow…. On the road to the BLACKJACKBOWL!!!

    That's the nutshell and all its innards, DRP. I hope this helps! Thanks for your time everybody! Best of luck at the tables!


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  3. MSR

    MSR New Member

    Hi Bear,

    will there also be acceptable times for european players? Do not forget us!

  4. bear

    bear New Member

    We haven't forgotten ye folk in the Ol' Country! We have scheduled 'Playoff' tourneys for both day and night.

    The October Schedule is posted at Blackjack 21. If you can't make the night slots.... look to Thursday Afternoons (EST) for the next two weeks, and then Sat & Sun Afternoons toward the end of the month. These may still be on the late side for you there, but certainly do-able.


  5. MaxwellSmart

    MaxwellSmart New Member

    Hey Bear,

    I hope the November schedule has also some tourneys for Europe.


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