$125,000 blackjack tournament series - Hard Rock Casino - Biloxi - Biloxi, MS

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    Registration is 4 to 8 Friday, $100. Tournament is Sat starting at 11. Buy back in for $100. Lots of folks. I'm guessing 20 tables, 6 players, about 6 rounds first go, so maybe initially 500 plus players. It's a long shot but fun. I don't gamble at the Rock, bad odds. Only the Beau. My room and meals are all comped there so I walk over to the rock for the tourney. Check my info, I'm just guessing but I think its pretty close. C'mon down. I'm the old fat guy in the really obnoxious Hawaiian shirt. If you see me just say "Hey Bwana". that's me.
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    4-8 or 4-7?

    How many times can we rebuy if we're knocked outta the 1st round? Damn! 500+ players?!
    how many ppl were you up against in Quarterfinals and Semis and how many advance from those rounds?
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    Keep in mind I'm just guessing at the total number of players. But from what I observed that would be my guess. Only one rebuy as far as I know.
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    Since only one out of six is going to advance to the second round you could probably figure about 100 players in the second round and then divide that number again by 6 to get how many get to the third round.
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    But Doc's earlier post didn't specify that take only one player in the subsequent rounds.... it could be top 2 as well, as would make sense to me from Quarter & Semis to final table. I sent him a private message about this but has not replied.
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    Sorry, I did not get back to you earlier. Just competed in Hard Rock tournament in October. In prelim rounds they take only one person from each table (must win your table). They were using 7 tables for prelims. Six or seven spots per table. Tourney started at 11am. Each round lasted about every half hour (12 hands). Quarterfinals then started at 3pm. If you won your table in prelim round, then you returned at 3pm for quarterfinals. Only allow 1 rebuy per person, for $100, in prelim rounds. In quarterfinals, 2 people on each table did NOT advance, others on table did advance to semifinals (so 4 or 5 advanced). The number advancing or not advancing depended on the number of players in tournament. They then drew 7 names from only those players that did a rebuys. Those 7 people , if not already advanced, were also to be in the semifinal round. Must win your table in semifinal round to advance to the final table (one advances per table). Then they drew 7 more names from barrel of all players names in tournament (another player was told that there were 248 names in that barrel), and these 7 players had a playoff for one final spot at final table (7 players at final table).
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    No problem, Doc.

    I imagine you don't check this board daily and/or get email notifications of threads so can't play you! Anyway I played in it as well how far did you go? I made it to Quarterfinals but that was it... fun tourney though! Will be heading up this weekend again! Look for the middle-aged asian man with asian wife cheering him on :)
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