$150,000 Blackjack Tournament - Paris - Las Vegas, NV

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by hopinglarry, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. hopinglarry

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  2. hopinglarry

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    Thanks surf for posting this tournament. We don't get many tournaments posted for Vegas casinos. I am a VP player so I do not get mailings from Harrah and MLife properties on BJTs. I get all kinds of mailings on Slot tournaments and drawings. I don't go to Vegas so don't have hosts at their casinos. Invitational or not if I know a tournament exists I might finagle an entry if the mood hits me. I try to post all the Beau Rivage tournaments, invitational or not, because I go there and get mailings. Other people like me will go to invitational tournaments if they know they exists.
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    thanks for the postings
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    I agree with your logic. Thanks Surf for sharing the information.
  5. Tom Carwin

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    I was invited to last years tourney, whice I couldn't make but have a heck of a time getting an invite to this years tournt which I can attend! I am staying at Harrahs during tghe prescribed time of event, and would love to attend. My casino in Blackhawk Colorado will support my play and credentials! The Ameristar Casino would hol;d its head high against any Vegas Casino,they have exemplary customer service and a spotless appearance. Please help me to get that invite>> J.P. at Ameristar, executive host of Ameristar is a stellar staff member that will vouch for my "wortiness". enough said, Thank You
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    Tom, you'll need to contact the casino directly to try to get invited. This is just a message board of players.
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    The current series of Caesar's blackjack tournaments are no more than slot or vp events. I went to the one at the Cromwell. Over 1,100 invited players. One advance per table through 5 rounds. No rebuys. No wild cards. Assembly line play. Pushy extra hire dealers. Hopinglarry supposedly went to Paris. Interested in his observation. I'd guess in a Wong sort of way one could have forged an advantage, but the format took me by surprise and I was not prepared for it.
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    At the Paris, Dakota and I faced 972 players. I did not rebuy in the tournament. Dakota advanced to semis (played 5 total rounds and still did not make finals). Just too many people. Six round tournaments are a lot of play
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    Thanks for reply. And was it one advance per table? How were dealers? And I know it was invite with free rooms, but was there any reception? Just asking to provide others who may get invite to Caesar's events to know what to expect. I was going to go to Paris, after Orleans and Buffalo Run that week, but….Orleans didn't want me and after my Cromwell experience, I didn't want to repeat that at Paris. Considered HahaHarrahs in June, but again, the format? Now. For the Caesars group, one must consider it is FREE entry and if you got invited with the FREE entry you also got up to five nights accommodations. Certainly worth a shot. Especially if you think YOU have an edge.
    Me? Well, I'm outmatched in that format. For that matter the way I've played in four of my last five tournaments, I'm totally outmatched. Dumb mistakes. Not doing actions, that I've traditionally done and have had ingrained in my strategy from a very long time ago, much to my detriment at critical times, costing me BIG TIME. I believe I'm experiencing early, or to some, late, "on set." It's not only frustrating, but deleterious to confidence.

    While I'm at it.....I went to Gold Coast "Accumulation" in January. Didn't know it was "Accumulation till I got there. While at the table in the first round a seasoned Vegas frequent tournament player of all categories, very enthused to be playing that tournament and many others to come and commenting on recently played tourneys, called out another player for making a "string bet." The called out player, protested that he had not, because the succeeding player had not bet yet. Floor was called. Floor pondered. Floor, after asking five questions, decided it was not a string bet. (In every tournament I've been in, what the called out player did, would have been called a string bet.)
    And that was what the seasoned, grizzled veteran player said. The response from the called out player was:

    "You've got to know your casino!"

    AND that would be my point with the anecdote. KNOW your casino! Each one has its peculiarities, its rule variations and distinct formats. Just because you've played regularly at one casino tourney, doesn't make them all the same. KNOW the rules. Try to play more than once at the different casinos to acclimate yourself to that casino's peculiarities and rule decisions. That and how the regulars at certain tourneys play.(Gunners and runners or turtles and tight wads.)

    And with that, I conclude with GOOD FORTUNE to those of you who continue to hone your skills and strategy.
  10. hopinglarry

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    One advanced in the first round. Six at a table. I don't know how many advanced in the other rounds. Dakota would know.

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