$20,000 Blackjack Tourney Four Winds New Buffalo

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    $20,000 Aces of Hearts Blackjack Tournament Sunday, June 24, 2018 | 1pm - 8pm Eastern
    New Buffalo

    You’re invited to an exclusive $20,000 Ace of Hearts Blackjack Tournament at Four Winds New Buffalo on Sunday, June 24, 2018, from 1pm – 8pm. To reserve your spot, buy-in at Four Winds New Buffalo Cashier Cage any time prior to the event.

    Play your best hands to win one of 7 cash prizes including the top prize of $8,000.
    ❤ 1st Place – $8,000
    ❤ 2nd Place – $4,600
    ❤ 3rd Place – $2,600
    ❤ 4th Place – $1,800
    ❤ 5th Place – $1,200
    ❤ 6th Place – $1,000
    ❤ 7th Place – $800

    Space is limited to the first 144 participants, so reserve your seat in this tournament today.

    Just saw this on their website, they mentioned it at the last monthly tournament. Sounds pretty sweet!
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    Format is different from the monthly they have had. One advances from the table in the preliminary round instead of the usual two. No high chip counts instead of three to the semifinal. Instead they are drawing six wild card. They are drawing two wild cards from all players into the final table.

    I hope they use their usual format instead of this lottery when they start their monthly offering on Sundays in September
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    So how did it go for our BJT.com friends? Did anyone do well????
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  4. Monkeysystem

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    No one from here cashed that I know of.
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