$25,000 Blackjack Tournament - Hard Rock Casino - Biloxi - Biloxi, MS

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by george, Jun 26, 2021.

  1. george

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  2. george

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    heard it is like the ones they had a long long time ago....... have fun
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  3. johnr

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    Disappointed to hear the prize, will still plan on being there, are you?
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  4. PitchMan

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    This not directly from Hard Rock so verify as you think wise, but it’s from a source that I trust:

    Next tourney July 24th. Will be “smaller” event. I’m assuming the smaller event will pay as they did pre-Covid: Final table, $15K, $5K, $1K, $1K, $1K, $1K, $1K, all cash.

    Will then skip August and start “normal” series in September. I am again assuming the “normal” purse will be as follows:
    Saturday play, September 18, : Final table, $20K, $10K, $2K, $2K, $2K, $2K, $2K, all cash
    Saturday play, October 16, : Final table, $20K, $10K, $2K, $2K, $2K, $2K, $2K, all cash
    Saturday play, November 20: Final table, $25K, $10K, $2K, $2K, $2K, $2K, $2K, all cash

    What else does “normal” mean: I’m assuming everything will be 12 hands, no max bet, elimination rules as were in place before Covid, with $100 buy in on Friday evening and $150 on Saturday morning, $100 re-buy.

    If anyone can, please verify the following buy in times, and also the exact time the first round starts on Saturday, or anything else herein. Thanks.

    ???? Friday buy in- 4-7PM....Late registration Sat 9-11PM

    ???? First round on Saturday morning…. 11:00AM

    I plan to be there. Hope to see ya’ll then. It’s been a while.
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  5. george

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    sounds good thanks for info
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  6. george

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    bet your glad you went now heard your a winner winner good deal keep it up still to early for me to get out and about maybe next year
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  7. johnr

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    It was good seeing several tournament friends. I moved over to Boomtown RV park for a few more days fishing and still using the fillet knife. Looking forward to seeing you at tournaments again.
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  8. george

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    are you cutting bait ...or cleaning fish ...
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  10. Billy C

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    Good job John!

    Billy C
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  11. johnr

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    Thanks Billy.

    Pitchman (or anyone that knows)
    I am thinking of going to another Hard Rock tournament, If I register on Saturday can I still get in rebuy round?
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  12. george

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    think you can ....just have to pay $150 for late entry.... rebuy will still be $100..... have fun maybe you won't even need a rebuy
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  13. george

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    they have the next 3 listed on their web page... tells about sign up time ..cost ...
  14. johnr

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    Thank you George, We will probably get to 1 or more of the tournaments.

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