$25000 BJTournament at Hard Rock, MS - 2/22

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  1. After a CraZZZZZZZY tournament, yours truly was able to make it to the Final Table again and finish 2nd!

    More details later as I'm just on my phone and wanted to update you fine folks at the BJT world.
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    Congrats on another nice finish!
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  3. Ken, you probably can top this with all of your Blackjack tournament experience, but in the RE-BUY round, this was especially crazy (Moses witnessed this as well):

    Hand 10 (out of 12) just finished. There are about 5 of us left at the table including myself @ BR3 with chip count: 10,200. BR2 was 15,500, then the chip leader who just won his all-in 16K bet now has 32K. I ended up winning the table !

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  4. Ken, have you ever came back from a bigger deficit then I did with only 2 hands to go? Would love to hear about some of your memorable BJ tourns!
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    Remember that the size of a deficit/lead is relative to the maximum you can bet. It appears that this was a no limit tournament so, with you having 10,200 and BR1 having 32,000, the gap was less than 2 maximum bets (10,200 and 20,400). Substantial but not really an unusually large gap at all with 2 hands remaining.

    I once came one card away from overcoming a deficit of 5 times the maximum bet on the final hand. There is a post about that here somewhere. I also once lost a lead of more than 3 times the maximum bet on the final hand. Play enough and you will see many amazing things!
  6. Wow ! Can you elaborate on that more please?
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    Think multiple splits with doubles.
  8. Could you find that post and link it?
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  10. I did. Quite interesting, indeed!

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