3 Card Poker event at Edgewater Laughlin

Discussion in '3-Card Poker Events' started by KenSmith, May 3, 2006.

  1. KenSmith

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    Here's an upcoming 3 Card Poker tournament at Edgewater Casino in Laughlin...

    May 16-19, 2006:
    Entry Fee $130 includes 3 nights hotel, entry gift, cocktail reception.
    Prize pool up to $20,000 based on 200 entrants.
    Rebuy $50.
    First place $10,000, 2nd = $3500, 3rd = $1000, 4th = $750, 5th= $500, 6th = $250
    Round One session winners get $100.
    Rebuy round winner gets $100.
    Quarter-final round winner gets $200.
    Semi-final round winner gets $500.

    Call 800-677-4837, offer MPOKER3.
    Email says must book by May 9th.

    I'm not sure whether this is accumulation or elimination style, but it sounds like accumulation. It also sounds like less than 100% equity unless you include the value of the room in the entry fee.
  2. oneeyedjacks

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    Edgewater Event

    Well, I got the postcard, the e-mail and the sign on the wall has been up for months. You are right, hard to get a handle on the $130.

    All I can say, is EW does a fine BJ $1500 twice a week. So they get it right most of the time to make it a fun and well run tourney. So I can't imagine them screwing up a 3-carder too bad.

    EW still has some fine VP in the house. Not as good as a couple years ago, but quite doable. There are some fine promos up and down the river in May, even for BJ players. Check out www.laughlinentertainer.com in the promos/tourneys section.

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