3 Card Poker Tournament at Pearl River

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  1. I was playing a dice tournament at Pearl River (Silver Star & Golden Moon casinos) last night. Just before we started rolling on the final table, they made an announcement that there would be a 3 Card Poker Tournament series held there. The first event is Oct. 1 and it is tied in to the national event sponsored by Shufflemaster. Supposedly, this series will serve as a qualifier. The floor guy I talked to later compared it to the World Series of Blackjack qualifier they ran at this property last year. The announced entry fee was $249. They didn't share much more than that as we were anxious to get the finals started. I am sure there will be some signage or brochures up soon. I'll post whatever I see.
  2. I picked up a little more info on the 3CP qualifier for the National 3CP Championship while up at PRR the other night. They are going to have two events in which the champion wins a seat in the national tournament. They are scheduled October 6-8 and November 3-5. They may add others later but these are the only two listed right now. As stated previously, the entry fee is $249. You win $1,000 and the seat at the national tournament that Shuffle Master sponsors.

    It looks like PRR has followed their usual path and the tournament is a tremendous underlay. I don't know what value Shuffle Master puts on a seat in their national event.

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    Here in Oklahoma. The Cherokee in Tulsa has a 3 card qualifier and Red River in Devol. At Red River you have to get a mini royal AKQ. Names are pot in a pot ?.
  4. Anyone Go?

    The second of the two 3CP tournys at Pearl River was this past weekend. I was wondering if anyone went. I am going up there for the last part of the week due to a conference I am attending. Maybe I can get some kind of report if no one else was there.

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