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    Well I'm sure others who ever played in the Hilton's Mil tourney got theirs, but since no one posted yet, I'll splash the water.

    It goes to the heart of the new Multi-Million BJ and proposed tv circuit for bj.

    The Hilton announced it's regional tournament, through fliers and I guess ads in all the right places, for a $1 Mill 3-card poker tourney.

    For toolman and gamemaster, this is called a regional, at the Hilton Sept 18.
    First place at the regional is $6,000, with a total of 35 places paid and advancement to the finals, to be held Nov. 27-Dec. 2. Where? But it will be on tv.

    Now this 3-card poker was Les Thacker's baby, two years ago and he was promoting it to all registrants of the BJ tourney.

    Whether it took two years for this to take off or not, I can't believe three card poker is more popular than BJ.

    It does have a sponsor, "shuffle up promotions," Maybe they are gauranteeing it, have it insured?
    The invite does state hotel accommodations are based on Hilton rated play.

    Buy in is $199.

    Now, I don't know, or care to know how to play, or what edge if it exists there is in 3 card poker, but if this can fly and already be set for tv, well then......
  2. I got a mailout from the Hilton promoting this tournament. I suspect that the sponsor (shuffle up promotions) also holds the patent for 3 card poker and sees the value of increasing the visibility of this game. Doesn't ShuffleMaster hold the patent on 3CP? The more popular the game gets, the more units they sell and the more licensing fees they collect.

    Unfortunately, there is no equivilant corporate sponsor for blackjack.
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    Playing around the country

    First of all if you go back about two months you will find Yama's post about this event and I believe either a link or at least some more info on it.

    The finals will be held in Las Vegas, at the RIO! This is not a Las Vegas Hilton or Resorts tournament, they are only hosting one of the many qualifiers for Shuffle-Up productions.

    I am not sure of their connection with Shuffle-Master, (who does own the rights to 3-card along with several other games).

    Perhaps Shuffle-Master would consider becoming a BJ sponsor if the tournaments were run with a auto shuffleing machine, but I doubt it. They sponsor the 3-card, Let it Ride, and Caribbean Stud tournments because are their products and they are promoting them.

    It would be nice if we could get a corporate sponsor that was willing to guaranteed prize money for BJ tournaments. But even if we did how long wound that last if we didn't get players support?

    Back to the 3-card tournament, I have played in the LVH 3-card three times only because it was free and I was out there for other tournaments anyway. I can't see (for myself) paying the $199 to play in a 3-card poker tournament. I am sure it will be a sell out, but I look at it the same way as playing hold'em, If you play every hand you will get luck eventually, but you will be a loser in the long run.

    Personally I am going to wait until a better tournament situation comes along. For example: the Grand in Gulfport next month, $150 (room included) and guarantee $50,000 1st prize. Yes it is a smaller grand prize, but less entry, rooms included, less players, only three day vs. months (and no extra trip back if you even make the finals), and in BJ tournament you can use a little skill.
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