30K Blackjack Tournament - Scarlet Pearl Casino - D'Iberville, MS

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by george, May 3, 2019.

  1. george

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  2. george

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    its on their web page.....for $500.00 buy in ...even shorter than Hard Rock
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  3. Dakota

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    Wow... A $500 buy-in for a $30k tournament ($12,500 1st)? Unreal. That wasn't shown in my mailer... thanks to whomever added that important detail to the tournament listing.
  4. LeftNut

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    Holy Bum Deal, Batman! $500 for a 30K prize fund and all prizes are paid in slot credits or table action except 1st??? :(
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  5. Billy C

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    Doesn't take long to rule that one out.

    Billy C
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  6. PitchMan

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    It's somewhat a mystery how they continue to have enough participation to keep this one going. Lots of comped in players, I assume. That, and unless they've gotten it much better organized than the first one, there is an additional reason to just being a terrible buy in vs. payout deal. I played the very first one. As I recall it was so disorganized that the final table finally played at after midnight........ Was planned to have been at 8:00 PM or so, as I recall. I won't call names but within the last year or so a contributor to this forum walked up to me at the Hard Rock after his first Scarlet Pearl "experience", and said: "Well, I just played my first Scarlet Pearl Blackjack tournament,...... And my last!' :(
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