3CP tournament for $1 Million

Discussion in '3-Card Poker Events' started by S. Yama, Jun 7, 2005.

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    Hi S. Yama,

    Application sounds impossible! Would have to be read and translated by an attorney before considering.

    But I was under the impression that 3PC was a casino favoring game and therefore not worth playing. Please enlighten me in this regard.


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    Not that bad

    Most of the rules are pretty standard in most tournaments anyway (as far as I can see). We had a lot of the same rules in the WSOB II, plus we couldn't work any deals or splits between the players.

    As far as the release for using your picture, likeness, voice...ect. probally isn't that important for most players.

    I imagine if you wanted to fight them on those issues you might have a vaild reason since you paid an entry fee to play in the event and they haven't paid you any compensation, but if you win money whats the big deal anyway?

    Unless I missed something in the rules I am sure I would play in the event if I was at the casino (I wouldn't make a special trip to play in a 3-card poker tournament, to much luck involved).

    Tgun as far as playing 3-card poker on the regular tables, it isn't that bad in certain situations. Call me and I can go into more details with you.
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    No big secret

    I had several players call me for the secret of winning at 3-card, there isn't any guys. All I was taking about was to play more on the ante then on the pairs plus bet. This way your winning even when the dealer doesn't qualifiy.

    In tournament play it is better not even to play the pairs plus at all, unless you need a big win late in the game.

    3-card is a very streaky game when your hitting press your bets and when it's cold get up and leave (when play it in non-tournament).
  5. It looks like they have the Northeast (CT) and Nevada (Lau) covered with regionals. Surely they will have one down here also.
  6. Pretty sketchy information

    I didn't look real hard, but what I saw wasn't enough information to get me very interested. How many entrants in a regional tournament? How many regional tournaments? Without answers to these questions, you have no idea at all about what kind of equity you might have in such a tournament.
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    3cp Vs Bj

    Am I missing something here? Isn't BJ several orders of magnitude more popular than 3CP? Yet Hilton drops the MDBJT in favor 3 Card. Must be the lack of skill required to win at 3CP. The finals will really rivet the TV audience to the screen. Next maybe someone will convince Office Depot to sponsor a Rock, Paper, String World Championship.
    Bite Me!
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    It is Rock, Paper, and Scissors Chuck and they already do it for the WSOP. Blair Rodman was in it this year.

    Speaking of Blair watch him this Wed. on the WPT from the Reno Hilton.

    Way to go Blair.
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    Rock, Paper, String

    In the swamp its Rock, Paper, String since its so hard for some of you Texans to get your chubby little fingers into the scissors holes.
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    Read Below Chuck

    Bite Me!......lol

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