$40,000 Baccarat Tournament - Eldorado (Reno) - Reno, NV

Discussion in 'Baccarat Events' started by KenSmith, Jun 4, 2019.

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  2. KenSmith

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    This is the sort of invitational event that many players here might like to know about. Found on their website. If you frequent Reno, Eldorado might be worth a look to get these invites.
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    This Baccarat tournament will actually be held at the Silver Legacy (blackjack tournaments are held at El Dorado). The casinos are attached with a very short and easy inside walk. Along with Circus-Circus, the 3 attached casinos are called "The Row". I've not played in a baccarat tournament there, but the blackjack tournaments are very well organized and even have no cost re-entries. As Ken mentioned, it might be worthwhile to give them a call for a possible baccarat entry. Try to stay at the Silver Legacy. I have added information to the tournament listing and included a phone number. In any case, I'll be there and give an update after the tournament. Thanks for finding this one, Ken.
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