$40,000 blackjack tournament - Hard Rock Casino - Biloxi - Biloxi, MS

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by george, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. george

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  2. george

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    think this Jan 18 tournament is a $25,000 one just like the Dec 14 one , that's what their web site says...check it out.....think the $125,000 tournament starts in Feb...I will play in it either way !!!!
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  3. Nope! It is $40K.... did you play in this past one? How far did you get and how often have you been playing in them? I just started in Oct and am now HOOKED! (for obvious reasons :D )
  4. Just got confirmation that it's $25k this time.... my host had mistakenly told me $40k.
  5. DrKeyvan

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    Any info on the parameters of this tournament?
    Initial bankroll, number of hands, minimum & maximum bets, number of decks, etc.
    Thanks in advance! :)
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  6. george

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    rules are the same as the other just a smaller pay out
  7. george

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    see events updates
  8. PitchMan

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    $10k bank, 12 hands, $100 min, No max, 6 deck shoe.
  9. No Surrender, H17

    Happens on the 18th of this month & I'll be there to defend my 1st place title! Say hi! Click on my business card for how I look or go to my website: www.BughouseMaster.com

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