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  1. Dakota

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    Tournament activity just may be picking up a bit in Las Vegas. I have posted 5 new tournaments: 2 at Treasure Island, 2 at Venetian/Palazzo and 1 at Harrah's.

    Note that the prize structure of the Harrah's $150,000 tournament has been changed somewhat... for better (more players paid) and worse (top heavy with others paid less).

    Most of the tournaments are Invitational, but you know the drill. Contact Special Events, VIP Services or a host. Call, ask, beg, whatever it takes.
  2. BughouseMaster

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    Thanks for posting, but are most invitational or all?
  3. Dakota

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    All are Invitational, as are a vast majority of tournaments around the country now. However, a call to Treasure Island might be productive for those 2 tournaments and contacting a host at Harrah's might work for that tournament. In any case, promising some pre-tournament casino play and/or casino play during the tournament might help. Venetian/Palazzo are more difficult to enter.

    I noticed on your jacket at Hard Rock Biloxi that you're a trumpet instructor. I played lead trombone in a big band for many years. Music is good.
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  4. BughouseMaster

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    NICE! Dakota, check your PM. What a small world.
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    Hey Dakota did you get my PM?
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    All the times we talked at Buffolo Run, I never knew this. I also played trombone thru high school and also in a big band for a couple of years. Judy and I actually met in high school band. Seasons greetings to you and all.
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  9. Dakota

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    It really is a small world, Mr. Pill. I wonder how many other online members have hidden talents!

    Good cards to everyone next year!!
  10. Billy C

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    I played coronet in high school band but not beyond. Wish I would have applied the potential I was told that I had.
    Nice to see a post from Pill for the first time in a long time. I hope you, Judy, Jim and Peggy are all doing well.

    Billy C
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  11. BughouseMaster

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    Hey Dakota,

    Did you know there's another one in March at Paris near the same dates as the Harrah's one?
  12. BughouseMaster

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    Just called T.I. about the April tournament and the "casino marketing" lady told me that you have to have the offer on the card (which is bullshit) so I asked to speak with Don Grissom and left a msg for him. I also dug through some old emails and contacted my former host. Let's see what they say... but they'd be stupid not to put someone living in Houston, like myself, who has previously given a lot of play in the past to Treasure Island as I would obviously still have to pay for airfare just to get there!

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