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    The overall tournament will consist of three (3) rounds of play. Each round is composed of a number of sessions depending on the number of entrants. A total of twenty-five (25) hands will be dealt per session. Total scores are calculated by adding final chip totals after the twenty-fifth (25th) hand is completed for each player after each round. The player with the largest cumulative total score after all three (3) rounds are completed will win the tournament.
    At the beginning of each session each player will receive one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) in non-negotiable tournament chips to be used in that session of tournament play only.
    Players will not be allowed to bet on another player’s box. Players may only play their spot during the tournament.

    I am a novice at tournament play but not a gambling and have heard/read that this is the place for advice and I would appreciate a pointer or two. Maybe i will not look so foolish. this are the rules, thanks

    Players must make a wager on each hand.

    Players may not wager BANK and PLAYER simultaneously.

    A player may not make a TIE bet in lieu of BANK or PLAYER.

    The minimum BANK or PLAYER bets for all rounds is one thousand dollars ($1,000). The maximum BANK or PLAYER bet for the first round is fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000), the second round is twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) and the third round is twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000). The minimum for TIE bets is one hundred dollars ($100) and the maximum is three thousand dollars ($3,000) for all rounds. All bets must be in increments of one hundred dollars ($100).

    LAST HAND/NO LIMIT: The exception to the above is the last hand (25th hand) of each session, at which time the player may bet all the chips in front of him/her that are in multiples of one hundred dollars ($100). Betting will be in order with the player who has the puck in front of them making the first (1st) bet. This will continue until all final bets have been made. Once a bet has been made, in cannot be changed.

    Entries about 120, 1st prize 200,00, 2nd 50,000, 3rd 30,000, 4th and 5th 10,000 each

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    I started off thinking you were talking about blackjack, than I read tie, banker, and player and realized it was a Baccarat tournament.

    To start I would try and play in the latest session every time. This will give you the chance to see what kind of numbers are being put up and know what to shot for. The last session I would do this for sure.

    Really like in any accumulative tournament you are going to want to bet big early trying to get the lead.
    I suggest starting out betting the banker.

    I would stay a way from the tie (bad bet).

    In the last session should you have the lead and your playing against players close to you, simple match bets and bet the same way with those players. This way they won't have a chance to pass you.

    Now on the other hand if your behind you need to catch up bet the opposite of what the leader(s) bet so you can try and catch them with a swing.

    *Swing is when you win and the other player or players lose on the same hand.


    1) If both you and the lead bet $20,000 on banker you'll either both win or lose - you pick up nothing.

    2) If leader(s) bet on Banker and you bet Player for $20,000 each and Player wins. Now you picked up $40,000 on the leader(s) with a swing.

    Hope this helps you out.
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    Thx for the help

    Thanks for the response.
    Does the unlimited max bet on the last hand of each session need to be an all or nothing bet.
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    Depends where your at, if you have a hugh lead just match the closest player to you bet, but make sure no one else has made a bigger bet that can over take you.

    Going back to what I said above, if you can cover their bets on the same play (either Banker or Player) you can't lose if you have the lead.

    Now if you have multiple players close to you and they bet each one (Banker and Player) then you will need to decide which way you want to play to avoid the swing.

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