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  1. KenSmith

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    So, I'm just checking my usual Google alert emails for the topic Blackjack Tournaments, when I get one that refers to a recent baccarat tournament and upcoming blackjack tournaments in the Northern Marianas Islands.

    Here's that article at the newspaper website:

    While looking at that article, I happened to notice in the sidebar a headline that said "NMI mock trial team excels at national tournament".

    I think to myself, "Isn't that neat... I was just in Raleigh North Carolina with my 17 year-old son, who with his teammates was representing the state of Mississippi in the National Mock Trial tournament. And hey, our first matchup was against Northern Marianas Islands."

    (Each team competes against only 4 opposing teams in the competition. Of the 46 teams in attendance, all but 3 were other US states. The "non-state" competitors were NMI, South Korea, and Puerto Rico. We actually ended up competing against 2 of those: NMI and Korea.)

    So, I decided to click on the link to see how the Northern Mariana's newspaper had covered their team's accomplishments at nationals.

    Then... Bam... After clicking the link to the article in the Northern Marianas Variety newspaper, there was my son smiling back at me in a picture in "tomorrow's" newspaper. (It's already Tuesday there.)

    Now that was a freaky coincidence. I just happen to be looking at a website from a place on the other side of the planet, and I discover my son's picture is in tomorrow's newspaper there. Wow.

    Here's a link to the article...

    Matt is the tallest student in the photo, right in the middle.

    I'm very proud of him and his teammates. They did a fantastic job, winning first place at the state championship to get a spot in the nationals.

    But what an amazing coincidence tonight to happen to find this article.
  2. The_Professional

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    That is a such precious moment. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. hopinglarry

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    Absolutely wonderful. I am sure that it is a reflection on your wife that Matt was one of the few kids that were involved in the competition:) to begin with.

    To have a search program that is getting stuff about blackjack tournaments around the world and it so happens that the particular paper (half way around the world) has an article and then have your son's picture in it, is absolutely an amazing coincidence. I don't know how you would go about computing the probability of this event.
  4. gronbog

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    Well, I ran a quick simulation and ... :rolleyes:

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