Accumulation tournament of 3 Card Poker ?

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    I see this game have created some interest, and I have read the other 3 threads from here too but is still not very clear to me some of the following aspects (really hope someone can shed some more light for us here):

    1) For accumulation tournaments (where we start with 1000 BR and we have to beat scores like 25K , 30K, 35K or 40K for example) the best way to go is still to always go all-in from the first hand until reaching the goal and never bet on pair plus ?

    2) Is better better to play blind or basic strategy should be applied (playing the hand only if we have Q +6+4 or a better hand with a higher rank in poker) ?

    3) How big is the impact if the max bet is relatively low (example our goal is 40K but the max bet is 1k) ?

    4) How big is the impact if the tournament is hand limited (each player can play a max of 50 hands) ?

    If there would be no max bet and we go all-in by playing blind trying to reach a goal of 8K for example, the chances for this happening should be calculated like: 54.338 to the power of 3, or this is wrong assumption (because the dealer pay for the rise only when qualify - if so, how to calculate it) ?
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