Another FreeRoll! Las Vegas Advisor $3,575 tournament

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by KenSmith, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. qgoggans

    qgoggans New Member

    Excellent Customer Service

    I was unable to attend my schedule tournament time on Thursday, due to a last minute emergency at work. I made a phone call to the good people at Global to see what could be done. They switched my tournament time to Friday with know hassle. Excellent customer service!!!

    Global Player handle (ChipCount)
  2. ptaylorcpa

    ptaylorcpa Member

    GP Customer service

    I agree, GP customer service has been really good. They appeared to have more moderators online yesterday helping people in chat and sending out reminders on how to play properly.

    I just checked and they still have some seats remaining for each of the three remaining preliminary rounds. I don't think you can reenter, but if you haven't signed up to play you still can if you hurry.

    One question:

    When you are playing, does your screen seem to freeze sometimes? It is like nothing is happening and then suddenly all the cards are dealt and play is going. I have a cable modem at home and a T-1 line at work so I would not expect it to do that. I turned off animation (where it shows the cards being dealt across the table to each hand) thinking that was it, and it may have helped. (When I had animation on sometimes you could watch the card creep across the table, then the next card would fly...weird sensation). I think I may try shutting everything else on the computer off and see if it helps.

    Good luck chipcount. Will look for you tonight.

    ptinhsv on GP
  3. BuckHawk75

    BuckHawk75 New Member

    GP tourney

    Oh, well, there's always another tournament...

    Was lucky enough to advance to round 2 from BR3 on the last hand of round 1, when BR2 could have locked me out with a surrender and failed to do so. But couldn't get more than a couple decent hands in the second round and crashed and burned.

    ON the other hand, my tables went very smoothly without interruptions. The change in the flashing betting box made it MUCH easier to follow the betting order. I was very glad to see that suggestions made to GP have been implemented.

    If I could make a suggestion for future players: Read all of the information and rules, and practice play in guest mode, BEFORE tournament time. Chat and some play was really slowed down by players who didn't know how to play or how the tournament was structured, despite all of the information that was readily available.

    Looking forward to more online tournaments in the future.

  4. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    LVA Tournament running smoothly

    I participated today in the LVA freeroll, and GP really shined today. The new blinking bet box is a big help. Also, at the top of the screen it shows 'Round 1 of 15'. Last time we had some confusion over how many hands were in each round, so this is a welcome change as well.

    Improvements in the chat software included 'TourBot', an automated bot that reported about various happenings at the tournament tables. As players advanced, they were announced. As wildcards were drawn, they were announced.

    As for my results, I advanced from round 1, but failed to advance in round 2 when a couple of dealer blackjacks at inopportune times crippled my bank.
    I still had a shot on the last hand, and thought for a moment I might pull off a comeback, but it wasn't to be.

    I've already signed up for the Dec 19th tournament, despite a scheduled Sunday morning arrival home on the red-eye. There are plenty of seats left, and it's a big overlay. I'll see many of you there I'm sure. Just nudge me if I fall asleep at the table.
  5. 678is21

    678is21 New Member

    double down question

    I participated in the LVA tournament today and tried to double down on my last hand. My bet was $2500 and when I tried to double down it would not allow me to. Was wondering why this happened. I believe the message was there are not enough funds!!!! :confused:
  6. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member


    I don't know why you were unable to double down for less. I know it works at least some of the time, because I did it on just about every hand in the last three (maybe every time). Did anyone else here have trouble with that?

    The only thing I can think is perhaps you're running the older version of the software. Look at the title bar of the casino. You'll see 2.00.xx.yyy, where xx is the important part. It should be 15 now. Version 13 didn't allow double for less. Version 14 added that. Version 15 added blinking bet boxes among other changes.

    However, I don't necessarily think this is the right explanation, because I don't think you can even participate in the tournament with the older versions.
  7. rookie789

    rookie789 Active Member

    December 19th Tournament

    Ken, Can you expand on the 12/19 tournament regarding entry information. You stated you are already entered but i can't find any information on either this site or Global Casino's web site about a 12/19 tournament, I'm presuming it's a Global Casino tounament. Thanks
  8. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

  9. ptaylorcpa

    ptaylorcpa Member

    DD for less

    I had the same problem as 678, when I tried to double down and didn't have double the funds, it would take tell me I did have enough funds and take me to the cashier. I know that happened last week, can't remember if I had the same situation this weekend or not, but think I did. The only "complaint" I still read on the chat was the issue of identifying double downs better for other players to see. Seems like the easiest fix would be to show the bet separately like when you split, but only have one set of cards played. GP did a great job making changes since last week to their software. Hopefully next week's tournament will be even smoother. Good luck to all who will be playing.
  10. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member


    ptaylor and g678, Can either of you confirm the version of software you are running? Start the casino, and let me know what the version number in the title bar says. This sounds like a bug, but I want to be sure before I email them. Thanks, -Ken-
  11. rookie789

    rookie789 Active Member

    DD for less

    I was at Global this morning playing for real money and tried to double for less, I got a pop up that said I could not double for less, go to the cashier. The version of software I'm using is, as far as I know it's the latest version.
  12. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member


    I don't think they intended to allow doubling for less at the live tables, so that's not necessarily an indication of a problem. However, you are running the latest version, so any trouble you had doubling for less during the tournament would indicate a problem. I'll let them know.

    Thanks for the info.
  13. ptaylorcpa

    ptaylorcpa Member

    Version number

    My current version number is I am not positive that I tried to dd with less this weekend, but I think I did. I know the prior version from last week did not allow it.
  14. 678is21

    678is21 New Member


    Before the start of the LVA tournament yesterday I downloaded version Thanks!!!!
  15. Prospect

    Prospect Member

    Bet Timer

    Can they do something about that bet timer? It is a bit annoying that the timer starts as soon as the hand is over. By the time that the cards are cleared after you push the "new game" button, half the timer is already gone.
  16. AZPLAYS05

    AZPLAYS05 New Member

    What time is the tournament tonight at global?
  17. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Tonight? I'm unaware of a tournament on Thursdays at Global.
    There's the Wednesday afternoon event, the new Cruise tournaments with the next one on Superbowl Sunday, and then there are Sit and Go events available 24/7 if there are players interested.

    Note that this thread is mostly about a tournament back in 2004.

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