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  1. I have decided to take a shot at a three card poker tournament that Pearl River Resort is putting on. I have already did a search for all the previous ideas we have discussed on 3CP tournaments. I was just wondering if anyone had any fresh thoughts on playing strategy. I believe the particulars for this tournament are 5,000 starting bankroll, min bet of 5, max of 500. 25 hands. I am not even certain of those numbers, that is just what I was told. I will know for sure after playing the weekly this Sunday.

    This format has weekly qualifiers playing for a spot in the finals this summer. Entry is 50, weekly first place is 1,000. Finals first place is either 25K or 50K.
    Elimination format.

    So, does anyone have any thoughts or strategies about how best to play this (or any 3CP event) tournament?
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  2. TXtourplayer

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    The best way is get lucky...

    Actually the best way is to get lucky all kidding aside, but how I start out in a 3-card poker event is "NOT" playing the "Pairs plus" and only play the minimum on the "Ante".

    Now of course if you fall behind you'll have have to start playing the "Pairs plus".

    This passed month I meet the lady, (April) that won last years $1,000,000 first prize in the 3-card poker tournament at the Las Vegas Hilton. She was a very nice younger women, I got to meet her and her mom during the WSOB filming.

    Bottomline is you need to get lucky at the right times to advance and if your lucky enough to make the final table, stay lucky enough to win it all, after all someone is going to win it, why not you?
  3. Smokin Tex

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    Let us know how it turns out

    I've been looking for a 3 card tournament, looks like another road trip. Good Luck Smokin Tex

    BJMAILMAN Member

    3 Card Poker

    I thought min on pair plus and your bigger bets on ante and play? I agree with you TX about falling behind and going for it on the pair plus. And you do need luck for the pair plus no skill there.
  5. Come on over Smokin. Pear River Resort is about 40 miles northwest of Meridian, Ms if you don't know where it is. They start play at 4 PM on every Sunday until June.
    BTW- if you don't advance out of the first round, they have a rebuy round to get back into the tournament.
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    Have never played 3 card poker in my life and I'm doing a tournament soon! Have played a lot of regular poker so I know what flushes, straights, etc. are but what are the rules of thumb for this game and is there a recommended tournament strategy?
    Any advice is welcomed and appreciated.

    Billy C
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    Any future tournements on schedule?:joker:
  9. Billy C

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    LV Hilton 3 Card Poker Tournament

    Las Vegas Hilton has one scheduled for Feb. 21-24 but I think you need to qualify somehow beforehand.

    Billy C

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