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    Link here, I tried to upload the PDF with no success.


    I thinks its important to point out ClubUBT, as told on lva.com board, is not controlled by Kahnawake GC. How do we know the consultant doesnt have the keys?
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    Thanks for the Info Barney

    It at least looks as if the Kahnawake Gaming Commission did something - a $500K fine is not minor - would assume the Absolute has followed through with repaying the victims - as they promised - and that would be why the KGC didn't address that? - I could not access the report through your link either
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    I was able to download the document

    from the KGC site - just the decision was posted on the site - not the Gaming Associates report to the Commission - I wasn't able to post it on this site - as the PDF file is too large, and it is in an image format - and I can't seem to get it converted to text anyway - so - if you want to see the text of the decision - go to www.kahnawake.com/gamingcommission/ and go to News - you'll find it there
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