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    The baccarat tournaments that I have played had much lower max bets on the tie bet than for the player/banker bets. For example, I think the last event I played was $1000 max on P/B and $100 max on tie. Is that pretty much always the case in tournaments you have seen, or have you seen more equal limits?
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    The only tournament I have played in was at Horseshoe Bossier City in July. The max bet was 10,000 and the tie was 1250. Meaning they could both win the same amount.
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    Around here it is typically 1000 on P/B and 100 on tie for the first ten hands, no max on P/B and 200 on tie for last 10 hands. It is a fun tournament. Much the same on Pai Gow, 500 or 1000 on hand, 100 or 200 on bonus.
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    Bac bets

    In mid and high level bac tourneys the most common rules set max bets at half starting bankroll on Bank or Player, max Ties are set that winning brings in about max B/P win (or a bit higher up to the starting bankroll). When bet limits are set to a round number Tie bets win a little less, but there are exceptions.
    In some tournaments in following higher rounds starting bankrolls and bet limits increase proportionally, but occasionally Ties bets stay the same throughout all levels, though regular bets about double. Almost always the last bet is secret and usually there is no limits on regular bets .
    It is to experienced player advantage to have Tie bets payout no bigger than max regular bets payouts.

    Hope it helps,

    S. Yama

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