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Discussion in 'Baccarat Tournament Strategy' started by Mr. T, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. Mr. T

    Mr. T New Member

    I have entered for my first upcoming Baccarat Tournament and any advice is appreciated.
    It sounds like a very good deal and the informatiom is as follows:
    Registration is $300 but I get a free room on the cruise ship for a 4 day cruise for being within the first 88 registerant. 100% of the cash pool money is returned to the winners. The casino is throwing in another $185,000 prize money in single bet vouchers. Buy in is $1000 for first and subsequent rounds buy in. The top 2 players go into the next round.
    I know I am reading Ken's advice many times over like the bible but how different is it for Baccarat.
  2. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Live money?

    Mr. T,

    I noticed you posted $300 registration and $1,000 buy in, is this a "Live money" event?

    Can you supply anymore information (min/max. bets), re-buys offered, add-on's offered.

    When and where is this event to take place?

    What exactly is single bet voulchers? Is that like promo chips? If so are they a one time bet or bet until you lose them?
  3. Mr. T

    Mr. T New Member

    I am not sure what you mean by live event. Yea it is $1000 cash buy in every round.
    Min bet I understand is about $25, no max bet.
    No re-buy offer but if you get into the next round you have to buy in another $1000.
    No add on offered. But at the end of the tournament your remaining chips will be refunded to you in cash.
    Star cruises ship Virgo homeport here in Singapore. Starting Mar 18 onwards.
    Yes, single bet voucher is the same as your promo chip. One bet, win or lose and they take your voucher away.
  4. Mr. T

    Mr. T New Member

    C'mon TXtourplayer and Ken.

    I know you are out there.
    Tell me if there are any skills or technics to play Tournament Baccarat or is it just a matter of luck and depends only on what my last bet is.

  5. swog

    swog Elite Member Staff Member

    If max bet is low compared to starting BR, stay close to the lead. If it is high, you can wait for others to bust out. You want to have a BR that will advance you to the next round "on" the final hand. If you get a secret bet, save it for the last hand, unless you will be betting last, then use it on the next to last hand or before. If you are ahead of the only player that can pass you on the last hand, and betting after them, match their bet. If behind them, bet the opposite and tie, unless they have bet tie. Good luck.
    That and more are in Wong's Casino Tournament Strategy book......
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  6. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    That's a pretty good summary from Swog. One thing to remember is that if you go into the final hand trailing two other players, you will likely be locked out, depending on their betting order. (It's more hazardous for the leading player to be betting first, as BR2 will likely take the other decision, and you'll be left with either the tie only or nothing.) As a result, you need to move for the lead early enough to avoid that fate.

    P.S. There are likely many people here with more baccarat tournament experience, since I've actually never played one!
  7. Mr. T

    Mr. T New Member

    O.K. you have told me what to bet if I am betting after the leader or runner-up. If I am betting before the leader or runner-up, I am betting blind, so what do I bet.
  8. swog

    swog Elite Member Staff Member

    max bet bank and tie if you are at least a max tie bet ahead. The tie bet normally has a much smaller limit. If you don't have that large of a lead, just max the bank and bet your lead, minus a chip on tie.
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  9. Mr. T

    Mr. T New Member

    Thanks for the insights.
    Going by last year roulette tournament which I participated, there is no maximun bet. If this is the same for the baccarat tournament this year then I presume the max bet you mentioned would be your whole bankroll. Would this change the stratery on the tie bet.
  10. swog

    swog Elite Member Staff Member

    If that is the case, and you must bet first, you want to have a lead and bet it all on bank.
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