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Discussion in 'Baccarat Events' started by Bi-Kemba, Jul 27, 2007.

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    Hello people. I will be down in the San Diego area this upcoming Saturday and Sunday. That being said, is anyone going to enter the baccarat tournament that is scheduled at Pechanga? It looks rather interesting. I myself, am an avid player. I learned this game before blackjack and still love the game. In addition, I still play as well. I just might try to check this one out. As the payouts are really nice compared to many of the blackjack tournaments I've witnessed. The $40,000.00 gauranteed first prize is a great payout. Please comment if you're going or plan on competing. Thank you......
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    You do go Kemba. Pechanga is trying to offer a bunch of good tournaments and supporting them will give us a better chance we see more and more. In August Pechanga will be holding a nice Poker Tourney with 500K guaranteed for a few games and 300K in the main event along with some cool winners rings as a bragging reward. Then, Im hoping in September the next BJT will be offered.

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