Beau Rivage $50,000 Craps Tournament

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    April 26th - 28th, 2007 the Beau will be hosting their
    "Shoot for the Moon" $50,000 Craps Tournament for only a $50 entry. Prize payouts will be half in cash and half in promo chips (one time win or lose chip), first prize $25,000.

    Registration will be held on Thursday 26th between 6 and 9. Two $5,000 prizes in promo chips will be awarded to two lucky winners.

    The phone number is 1-877-VIP-BEAU, I am not sure if the code they gave me will help you get any discount, but you can try. Mention code: Moon, space is limited.
  2. Thanks Tex. I was at the Beau Rivage for 3 nights last week. I wish I had known to ask someone about this while I was there. I will definitely want to play this one. Hope you can make it also.
  3. Well, I registered for this earlier this morning. A couple of tidbits to add.

    Registration will take place in the Azalea ballroom up on the second floor. The first round will begin at Noon Friday and the last segment of the first round begins at 9 that night. Looks like a lot of room in the first round. There is a rebuy ($50) round on Saturday from 10-2.

    Semi's at 6PM Sat. Finals to follow.
    See you there.
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    I'm signed up as well...

    I guess I'll see you there.

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