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Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by Doc, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. Doc

    Doc Member

    A player who goes to Biloxi tournaments, said the Beau will not be having tournaments in future. Anyone hear anything about this?? Maybe talking about open tournaments there??
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  2. Bwana

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    I'll be down there this weekend. I'll ask around and see what I can find out.
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  3. hopinglarry

    hopinglarry Active Member

    When I played in the 100k July tournament, what they said was that the September 150K tournament would be the last Friday-Saturday one this year. After that, their next Friday-Saturday tournament would be in March 2020. They did say they were going to make some changes next year. but didn't say what. As far as I know they will continue to have their 50k tournaments that are in most months of the year. You can look at their past history and get an idea of how often they have had them. They have traditionally played them on Monday-Tuesday.
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  4. hopinglarry

    hopinglarry Active Member

    The 50k tournaments have always been open and are normally on their website.
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  5. hopinglarry

    hopinglarry Active Member

    By the way, I don't normally get mailings for BJTs. If I get them I will post them. My host has normally sent me an email of upcoming stuff for the next quarter so I can see if there is something I want to go to. My September monthly mailer does not have a BJT on it.
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  6. Bwana

    Bwana Member

    I was at the Beau this weekend, (it was packed), and my host told me they are discontinuing the monthly tournaments. There will still be tournaments but not on a regular basis. Sorry I didnt find out more but I was in the middle of what turned out to be my best session ever and I got distracted. Had to deal with another player that was under the mistaken idea that BJ is a team sport and took exception to me hitting a 12 against a dealer 4. Homie dont play that. I informed him when he starts buying my chips he can dictate my plays, otherwise, you play your game and I'll play mine. More on that on another board...
  7. hopinglarry

    hopinglarry Active Member

    At the tournament last weekend, there was no mention of upcoming tournaments except for another Friday-Saturday tournament in March 2020. They have traditionally had 50k tournaments in December and January. with no mention it doesn't bode well for tournaments at the Beau.
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  8. george

    george Top Member

    at the tournament last weekend ,,,was hoping you was going to say you won it maybe next time ,,hope they have the 50k tournament again so I can play
  9. Yep! Hitting 12v4 is certainly a correct "advanced" move that is one of Fred Renzey's mag 7 hands! That and 16v10 are the 2 that occur most frequently and one could know the proper "advanced" move just by scanning the table. It also irritates me when nobodies (sometimes even dealers!) try to correct my play due to their own stupidity.
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  10. edgar

    edgar Member

    Been away from here for a while, but I do have info concerning the BJ tournaments at the Beau:
    The info about the next tournament being March 2020 is correct.
    There will be no more $50k tournaments.
    The future tournaments will be larger one - possibly up to $250.
    The reason for the dropping of the $50k tourns
    was that the majority of players did not give enough higher limit play at the tables to justify continuing.
  11. Do you have the detailed info about the March 2020 tournament? If so, please post! Thanks.

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