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Discussion in 'Ultimate Blackjack Tour' started by mikey754, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. mikey754

    mikey754 New Member

    Any one having trouble logging into bet21 today 11-25-2008 9:26 A.M.
  2. zweeky

    zweeky Member

    You may try logging using UB which is updated with the CEREUS thing today. I would be surprised if Bet21 will support that update.
  3. mikey754

    mikey754 New Member

    UB and bet21

    Logged in to UB and it is a different skin than bet 21...maybe bet21 is over?Played a few games there have a lot more variety $2.00 and up and a ton of players
  4. TedinNaples

    TedinNaples New Member

    UltimateBet makes software changes for the worse

    After not playing on UB/bet21 for about a year, I decided to jump back in a few days ago under UB. Everything was as I remember it, except for the overlay tournaments and number of tnys available. :-(

    Well, lo and behold, I log in today and get the software update. I sign up for a $10 SNG and holy crap Batman...this game really sucks!!! There are so many interface changes for the worse.

    They've sped up the game to the point where I'm left staring at my screen after the dealer shows her results and pays/takes all the bets. I have no clue as to what just happened.

    They've changed the display of the chip count to show what you have left after you've made your bet. So, for instance, if you start with 25000 and bet 1000, the display shows 24000 over the 1000. If you win, you then go to 26000. Try converting your brain's software after years of playing one way to this new version.

    The sounds are annoying, everything happens so fast, it's hard to tell what hand you're up to, even more difficult to see the previous results in the little chat box area, and lots more crap.

    Good luck to any of you who venture onto the site.
  5. tomlw

    tomlw Member

    I have not been able to long in all day. Bet 21 no log in box. When I try Ultimate Bet, it doesn't recognize my log in info. I too just bought back in yesterday, after a few weeks away from it. Great timing on my part.

    Have emailed customer support, with no reply so far. Any suggestions?
  6. tomlw

    tomlw Member

    Was able to log in to Ultimatebet after several tries. The new software does really suck. Will take a lot of getting used to, if one has the patience.
  7. bjmace

    bjmace Member


    Totally agree with everyone just tried firstly an MTT struggled to even see chip counts the whole thing is just awful, In the Mtt's they have restructed the prize payouts so upto 20 entries pays only top 3 then upto 50 top 5 :flame:
    Then a $30 sng started and trying to play 2 at once was impossible where as i could happily play 3 before.
    On the brighter side it looks like it's linked to absolute now so lots of players which is what we wanted bit at such a price...................

    Hell No :laugh:
  8. mociferous

    mociferous Member

    Still not working

    Tried logging in for the luck.:confused:
  9. RKuczek

    RKuczek Member

    New UB

    The new skin will definitely take getting used too. I think it was what Absolute Poker was using for BJ. Also seems to be the AP topurnament and SnG offerings. Does seem to be a lot of AP players on line now, that part is good. Worst part of new skin is the placement of the bets, difficult to see easily, also, no way to distinguish your spot, unless you upload an 'image'. I was losing money all evening, just trying to get adjusted.
  10. RKuczek

    RKuczek Member

    Hand Histories

    For anyone who is interested, you can now have your hand histories for BJ Tournaments and SnGs saved automatically on your computer by UB. Don't have to do anything to save them, just go to options and check save hand histories.
  11. bjmace

    bjmace Member

    One day On

    Have been playing some more today(Which makes a change to be able to get games over $5 during UK daytime)

    Just as I thought about going to get some extra powerful glasses to see what was actually going on when i was playing, I tried lowering my screen resolution, Bringing it down to something between 800x600 and 1024x768 has made the game a lot better.
    The standard of play seems to have slipped away with more all in type lunacy like youwould expect on clububt on hand 1 etc!

    Another change is if you take insurance although you can insure for less the system does not show other players how much you have insured so they are left looking at your insurance chip pile and counting them how's that for realism lol!

    another new feature is even money if you get a BJ and dealer is showing an ace before you could only insure if you had the chips to do so.

    Just had a thought that i will have to double check on next game i play, has the secret action(secret bet is still there) disappeared?????????
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2008
  12. RKuczek

    RKuczek Member

    new skin

    This new skin will take some getting used to, for sure. One nice feature of how they are doing the bets and bankrolls, is it makes it easy to see what you have to leave in the bankroll to take a low. Also, has everyone noticed that you can now resize the tables? This is new and nice, for sure. Some limit on how much you can increase or decrease, but still a good range. Also, I will mention again that you can have them automatically save hand histories to your hard drive. They only save the hands you play in, but you can track all players bets and cards, etc. for those hands. One thing I did notice on the hand histories, is that if a player secret bets, it never records the bet, also, if you double a secret bet for less, it doesn't show that, so, in example, if you secret bet $1,500, double for $500, the history will only show you won or lost a doubled bet for $2,000.

    As far as quality of play, I have noticed recently on UB that the $5 tables, and even sometimes higher levels, have started to play a lot like $1 tables, with the drunk-all-in-guys on the first hand, and other wild play. Adding in the AP players seems to have made it worse. Of course in the long run, this will be good for us who do not bet like fools. Certainly seem to be more players and easier to get games.
  13. bjmace

    bjmace Member

    No Secret action

    Further to my last post have double checked and there is no secret action in the new game this has taken one of the elements that made UBT such an awesome format to play, No more secret surrenders, secret doubles just a secret bet only booooooo :mad:
  14. Archie

    Archie New Member

    Kind of like it

    Just finished playing two SNG'S and I kind of like the new format...after shutting the sound that I find unbearable (I did the same with the old version).

    Sound, in my case, is only useful to wake me up when I feel sleepy.

    I made a costly mistake twice though: clicking the bet button automatically, thinking I'm betting the minimum. Well if you don't keep your eye on the window below, you'll repeat de previous bet.

    This and showing the total bankroll you have left after your bet will take some time to get used to (not much) , but overall I like the new format ... and the affluence of new poker players it (hopefully) might bring.

    N.B.: I did not have the opportunity to try the elements Mace is talking about, but I agree with him that it takes something good away from the original game.
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  15. bjmace

    bjmace Member

    really weird stuff

    Last night i was playing a MTT.
    Round 1 came to an elimination hand I was 1st to bet and trailing after trying to catch some loony play lol and getting swung hand after hand, I did not want to use my secret bet on 1st Eli so saved 500 in chips to disguise a DD result if neeeded, Dealt an 11 someone daftly left the high open so things were looking good except no DD option came up, Now i could only hit showing that i had been dealt a 3 and thus making life a whole lot easier for the guy who had under bet as he now had a free hit.
    No idea why i could'nt DD for less has the option been taken away I'm sure i have used it in the past few days but after turning 40 on Wednesday (Or was it Tuesday!) maybe Senile Dementia has set in.:confused:

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