BJ Tournament at Eldorado Shreveport on Tuesdays

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  1. Did not see this on the Tournament Event Calendar.

    BJ tournament is held every Tuesday 5 pm at the Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport. The tournament director is Vickie. Cost $20 to enter a qualifying round, semi finals and finals are free. There are 4 rounds. A round consist of 5 tables with 6 to 7 players. One winner from each table goes to the semi finals (5 total). If you do not win a table in the 1st round you can enter the 2nd round for another $20. After the 4 rounds, you have 20 players (5X4) for the semi finals at 3 tables. The top 2 players at the 3 tables, plus they draw a 7th player go to the finals (total 7). All of the final 7 players gets a prize.

    Play is 20 hands, they count everyone's chips at the end of hand 15. They give you $500 to start, min is $10 and max of $5K. Next round starts soon after one round ends. Sign ups open at 4:30, play starts at 5:00.

    When I was there 1st place won over $1000 and 7th place was $21.
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