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    The bad news yesterday was i could not make the 2nd BJ tourney :confused:

    Yep was a hell no mace can't go lol

    The reason was I had Made the final table of the Poker Tournament :D ,

    An amazing feat when 12 months ago i had never played a single poker game and this was my 2nd ever land based Tourney whilst playing alongside great players Like Miami John, Monica reeves, and KrazyKanuck just made the whole experience a blast.
    Final table i was in 4th place when i got dealt A,J I raised around 6k preflop which was around 1/3 of my chip stack, I was called by the chip leader and the ace came out on the flop, Action on me I went all in only to be called, Cards flipped i have A,J v his A,5 my dreams fell apart when a five came out on 4th street, Felt just like being on UB lol but came away with near on $600 and was one of very few players who had not rebuyed during the first 3 blinds.
    A great day and now today Pokermace will put his BJ hat back on to try and make it 3/3 final tables but BJ this time.
    Good luck to all.

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