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    Barney, do you shave or wax? I suppose you need to remove you hair so that you can stick the chicken fillets on. Come on Barney, you're amongst friends here, we won't judge you, talk to us. Actually this is the second thread that has ended up discussing hair removal which is slightly worrying.



    Picture: Barney/Ona after a big win at

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    No wonder Joep was feeling him up.
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    ok fgk42

    the attachment is a jpg image of the spreadsheet page for my freeroll challange - only way I could figure to do an attachment - as I don't have a zip file utility on my computer right now -

    it will reveal that I am a total ploppy:eek:

    a ploppy's ploppy:eek:

    five first round tables - one advance
    one second round table - no advance
    player's rating of 0.568

    I played all these tables pretty conservatively - though not minimum bets all the time - tried to play well - actually was BR1 at one point at almost every table - but the drunk-all-in-guys would chunk out the money and hit - then I would be BR4 or something - and need to make a move to catch up - lost almost every time -

    one table - I tried a two-step progression - dealer bjed both hands - typical -
    every all in bet the other players made - they won - all the moves I made - with very few exceptions - I lost -


    I will try another five tourneys - :joker:

    only thing saving my ego now is that I made it through a qualifier tonight and into the $25,000 tourney - had to go head-to-head with Sabre in the final - he's a pretty good player - got down to last hand - and the cards went my way - took 14 tries - but got the $200+$15 entry for $77 - figure I saved 64%


    we need only 6 more entries to have the $25,000 a go - then you can all stop playing:D
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    Way to go RK

    Congrats on your 1st place Satellite win! Now boost it up to a 50$ and 100$ game tonight and give Kaminari a run :eek:
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    Well, Im ready to give up playing these free rolls....its just too painful...

    Someone else can have the prize....its just not fact its painful and its hurting my game because Im trying to work a strat against this lottery play and ther simply isnt one...

    For those who have won and claim it is because they stuck to their game and skill won the day...I say bull crap! You got lucky ....persistance and luck and some skill won the day in that order!

    Keep throwing $hit at the barn door and some will eventially stick....

    I just dont think these games are beneficial ....there is in not one decent play in a hundred going on....its simply a max bet lottery and if you are having a bad streak then no amount of "tighter than a nun play" is gonna help you...Its a lottery shot and nothing more...its ruining the game by instructing nothing and rewarding dumb play...

    Probably the nature of free roll perhaps but...these same max bet idiots will challenge all in first bets at the holdem go figure.

    I honestly think they are ruining the game....and actually to have an equal chance you need to play the lotto game too and if thats how its to be ...well then its simply not for me....

    I just lost 7 TEC point games in a row...each was one by a total of 200,000 plus.....thats just nuts! 8 times max bet .....

    I agree with Archie.....the dealing seems different ....the free rolls are set to dealer bust more often and the real money raked game is set to dealer kills mode...

    This makes sense if you follow my theory that they deal these game not at random rather to increase rake rate per need to bust out the table at the free game...

    I wish they could prove I was wrong....but you will never see it...

    Too bad really

    Anyway I concede the book prize offered by Fred....its simply no fun to play this game both TEC point and free roll...not worth it...and thats saying something about something thats free.
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    Hum, 2 points:

    1) This sounds like SOUR GRAPES to me. Just because one does not succeed, one should not belittle those who did.

    2) Referring to the statement "persistance and luck and some skill won the day in that order", isn't that they way almost all tournaments are won, both on-line and B&M?

    Just my observations.
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    Try try again!

    Rando, I don’t know what to say! Just to “test the waters” I played 4 TEC games just now 2:30 pm EST. Here is the result of the four games:

    Game 1
    Dealers up card Final result
    5 22 bust
    K 20
    8 22 bust
    9 19
    2 18
    K 19
    K 23 bust
    10 24 bust
    8 19
    5 25 bust
    8 18
    2 18

    Game 2
    7 17
    K 29
    J 18
    K 19
    2 18
    10 19
    J 24
    2 19

    Game 3
    7 21
    10 29

    Game 4
    J BJ
    J 20
    9 19
    Ace BJ
    3 18
    8 18
    3 21
    10 22

    The cool thing was in Game 3 5 eliminations of hand 1 with the dealer drawing to 21.
    In Game 4 there were 4 eliminations on hand with dealer BJ!

    Bad mojo buddy! Wanna borrow some TEC’s? PS I only bet 500 (min) until there was 2 players remaining. 2 for 4 = 50%

    PS Rando,


    While playing in the TEC matches have FUN. Chat a little with people they’re nice REALLY! In fact tell these ploppies to go to – they can play there for free too! In fact I’m sure there’s someone over there keeping the light on for these “ploppies”
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    Rando, may I suggest that you try this, not entirely dissimilar to FGK's method. Don't get tied up in an ego thing about winning those TEC games. Bet the minimum on the first two or three hands. If the psycho-ploppies score big, then don't waste your time chasing - bust out on purpose and get into another game. Those TEC games resemble EBJ about as much as a Yugo resembles a Ferrari. Your only goal is to score a TEC as quickly and painlessly as possible. :gun:
  10. fgk42

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    I'll go one step further, put absent on until hand 4. If BR1 is over 100,000 at that point just let it kick you off. If the table is 40,000 or under jump in and play just like the Golden Palace 5 hand matches - Remember you slut you? :laugh:

    LeftNut be careful about you presumptions - Which of these two would you rather have - this ferrari or this Yugo?

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  11. LeftNut

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    That's not a half-bad idea! You could actually open up 2 or 3 games at once, and then monitor which one you actually want to play based on the 4th hand totals.

    I'd still take the Ferrari. :dude:
  12. Rando21

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    No sour grapes at all ....frustration maybe and I certainly didnt mean to imply that someones effort is less because of my words...

    I actually know about the "tricks" of winning the TEC point...I usually do just go absent until hand 4 and then play or go.

    I can get TEC points to play....not my real issue....its more about the long term effect....Im affraid this type of play is or will overtake the game. Im seeing it already in the lower stakes game where more novices obvisouly start...winning a TEC point is one thing....but you cant decide to drop out at hand 5 when you are playing for real money and you happen to get a table of lottery players....its not fun , its not skill, its playing the lottery...they call it the same thing at the poker table ....

    One bright sign for EBJ that I saw last night....the $100 guarentee game had 95 ???players last night....this is nearly a paying proposition....and while each only had to invest 1.10 to play....this was a huge number of players and it indicates that people are willing to give it a shot.

    NOW....hopefully owners will see little signs like this and steer the boat in a little different direction....away from the free roll style promotions and more into a guarentee game promotion....

    This serves the game in the best possible manner....First it helps to clarify the game for everyone in that there is less all in betting and more thought when they have a little money a 4 dollar entry into a 1,000 guarentee promotion with a reasonable min player amount attracts these new players and at the same time helps them learn a more correct playing stratagey...

    I dont know may be the case where its already too late and all in play ...join the lottery or go home may already rule.

    Its not my evaluation of any individuals skill but Im saying if you sit at a table of real money players and they are betting all in is a matter of luck only that the winner is decided....sure most will drop like flies but 1,2,or 3 will get to a position that will have you eliminated unless you join the fray and are successful near the end of the elimination hand.

    I dont enjoy flipping coins for hundred dollar bets and this method of play is darn close to flipping coins...

    Not sour grapes....just a sadness at what I precieve to be a decline in the game...even these people recognize and comment on a good game when they are in it...Its always a close back and forth challenge that feels like a battle fought hard and won or lost on some combination of skill and luck...unless you are the type that feels there is a skill to picking the numbers.... then may I suggest Gamblers A????

    Im taking a break from it....I dont seem to be learning anything...Im not having all that much fun....clicking the max bet button is boring...Im learning that this game seems to reward dumb play as well....Im watching 3s split against ten up first hand 1/2 max bet now up to all in...and a high % are making it...sure its all in my mind but who taught these people to play...???Ya I know Ive seen every dumb play that can be made to be made in any and every casino..(thats when I consider investing in them)but I usually leave those tables and maybe thats what Im considering

    No sour grapes....just no fun....maybe I need one of those
    Bahamaventions I see advertized ....Im becoming that yelling guy and forgetting my childrens names....

    I would chat more Fred but if you saw what I have to go thru now to chat you would understand why I often do not...

    My fastest system is my laptop running XP PRO....and its a great table to play on except recently it decided to not let me type certain letters...It wont type T or R or 5 or F and so if you see me slurring my words its because my keyboard is acting fixes itself sometimes...but when its acting up I must resort to the aux keyboard and that was a wireless affair that also decided to now I got it hooked up to a wired keyboard and so its a distraction to pull that into the mix of two running games plus a poker game running on the side....I think I was/am a dsylexic, ADD, manic depressive who needs a Bamahavention....ya...thats what I am...

    For all my friends going to VEgas at the end of the month....My best wishes to you all!!! My best advice...go early...get comfortable,have fun...its not a million dollars its only half a million..;-)

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