Blackjack 21 Tournament - Niagara Fallsview Casino - Niagara Falls, ON - Canada

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Canada)' started by Cadillac Tim, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. PitchMan

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    Hey Gronbog. Better late than never. I just now noticed this string. Congrats to you on the final table in July. There are a lot of really good tournament players out here... making a final table is a true accomplishment!

    Billy, there is still a quite firm chance that there will be a few decent BJTs at the Fitz in Tunica annually, starting in September or October. Sure hope we can find some NE OK tournaments too. It's a tall order for anyone to fill Cindy's shoes, but there's a void in that area that has potential if someone would make a serious run at filling it. I'm following up on every opportunity to talk with properties that have any interest and I'll sure keep ya'll posted if anything positive presents itself. I'll be in NE OK some soon...... Going to Buffalo Run,.. tournament or not, .....I really miss the many friends we've made at BRC over the last 4 years. It's a unique property.
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  2. jamesmcnulty

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    Pitchman, let me know when you plan to go. I'd like to go there also.
  3. gronbog

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    I just wanted to highlight the change of date for the next event (thanks benfoo99 for updating the calendar). It was Jan 21, 2020, but has now been moved to Jan 31, 2020.

    The Fallsview is now under new management (Mohegan Sun) and this is the 3rd event in a row which they have either cancelled or rescheduled. This is also the last event of the current "season". I hope they choose to continue this long running tournament series next year.

    Just to keep the calendar clean, I deleted a Jan 31 2019 date (last year) which was mistakenly added.
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  4. BughouseMaster

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    Ouch... just saw the info for the Fallsview tourn on 1/31... quite unappealing for U.S. players like myself who still have to purchase flight and hotel accommodations!

    Is 250 CAD always the entry and are the prizes always as stated? Namely the 3rd-7th averages the same amount of the Hard Rock monthly tourney that I just won? (Sometimes they pay 2k for 3-7th!)
  5. gronbog

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    The rules and conditions for this event have been stable for many years. $250 CAD will get you in, but you can also get comped in with sufficient play. I've never been able to get anyone to tell me how much play is enough. I just pay the $250.

    Staying at the Fallsview is quite pricey, unless you get a comp. However there are many hotels within walking distance at a wide variety of price points.

    The prize structure is as stated and they do not support any deals among the players for a chop. Note that places 8 through 49 get $100 back which means you get something just for getting out of the first round. Another thing to consider is that there is no tax on casino winnings in Canada. Whether you still need to pay tax to the IRS as an American, I do not know.
  6. BughouseMaster

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    Thanks for your informative reply as always, gronbog!

    How many tourneys do they run a year and is there a future date past this one? This is pretty much Canada's premier tournament, yeah? What other locations in Canada have any BJ tourns whatsoever?
  7. gronbog

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    If they choose to continue, the next date would normally be in March and there would be 4 events during the "season" which ends with the January event.

    I am not aware of any other tournament in Canada which is worth traveling to. For some, this one may not qualify either.
  8. BughouseMaster

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    So the other tourneys that do exist are too small? If Fallsview is the largest event in Canada, then other Canadians dont have much choice on BJ tourneys, do they?
  9. gronbog

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    Yes. Very small. Designed for the locals. 1st place less than $500.
  10. BughouseMaster

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