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    I've been having several players contact me about hosting another Blackjack Cruise. If you would be interested in going and playing on a Jan. 21, 2012 5 night cruise out of Galveston, TX let me know and I'll see about putting one together if we get enough responce to make it worth wild.

    A $40 fee would be charged as normal per player to cover expences and entries would be $200, re-buy's $100 and 2nd/3rd re-buy's only $50 each.
    I can honestly tell you that my events offer the BEST rules of any blackjack tournaments around.
    And as those of you that have been on my cruises in the past, we will offer sit and go tournaments nightly for all those interested.

    Prices for the cruise are looking somewhere between $390 - $900 per son based on two per cabin and type of cabin you want (inside up to balcony) suites run a little more. These prices include all taxes, port charges, and gratuity and come with a $50 cabin credit for each cabin.
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    Blackjacj Tournament Cruise

    A five night cruise equals six days at sea I'll presume. Can you provide additional cruise information other than Galveston as the departing port.
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    days at sea

    Rookie. on most cruises you actually only get 4 days at sea on a five night cruise. The day you board you usually get a few hours of daylight - since they often depart around 5 pm. On the day you arrive back in port - it is usually early in the morning - so the four days in between are the days at sea and at ports of call. By the way Bjbeauty and i will be at the Hilton 100K in Oct - hope to see you there.
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    Galveston, Texas

    Hello Rookie, we will be deporting from Galveston, TX. Dr. Bass was correct in his post, the ship will deport around 4:00-5:00 PM Sat. Jan. 21, 2011 and return Thursday 26th, about 8:00 am. We will have two full sea day's and stopping at two ports, (Progreso & Cuzumel). I am planing on hosting three tournaments while on board along with out nightly sit & goes.

    After checking on ship's and the avlibility for a group and meeting room for the tournaments it is looking like a go. I am trying to get the final arrangements from the travel agent so I can post all the informatiom for those enterested in going.

    This cruise was actually the agents idea, who had played in one of my tournaments before and thought it was time for me to host another one.
    Plus Ronnie from Hard Rock has been hounding me to have another one so he can come deal

    Along with Ronnie I think Swog might even get to come deal if his schedule is clear. It will sure be nice getting to see old friends again. This cruise is not just going to be for tournaments as we have ex school mates and facebook friends wanting to attend as well, so there is a good chance, REAL GOOD CHANCE that we might have a lot of virgin BJ tournament players in these events!

    I'll post more information ASAP!


    All those who come play in these tournaments will see how Blackjack tournaments use to and still should be played, (taking out much of the luck and allowing more skill for advancement from round to round). And we offer multiple re-buy's along with nightly sit and goes so your not traveling for one or two rounds and out!

    Hope to see a bunch of the regulars along with some new blood on this cruise.
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    Come join us for a fabulous five night cruise on Carnival deporting from Galveston, TX January 21, 2012 (around (4:00 pm) returning January 26, 2012 (8:00 am).

    Here are the rates:

    These rates include: cruise, taxes & fees, $50 on board credit & champange & chocolates, and upcharge mentioned.

    Interior Cabin - $438 per person ($876 per cabin)

    Ocean View Cabin - $478 per person, ($956 per cabin)

    Balcony Cabin - $598 per person, ($1,196 per cabin)

    To reserve your cabin you must have the $200 per person (refundable) depoist in by 9/22. If you don't make deposits by 9/22, they can still go, you will just have to pay the current cruise rate at that time.

    Felica Lee (group travel agent) will be making individual payment arangements with each person. Single, triple, quad, Ocean Suite, and Grand Suite rates are available upon request.

    Contact Information:
    A Personal Touch Travel
    Felecia Lee (owner)
    Business Cell 817-374-5559

    For more information on the tournaments just contact me on this site.
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    Glad the cruise is a Go

    BJ Beauty and I will be among the first to sign up - and I encourage all of the readers on this site to give it serious consideration. We've been on two of the past tournament cruises that Tex has sponsored - and the tournaments were fun and well run.

    Hope to see many of you there.
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    It's looking like we are going ti have a nice little group going on this cruise, between the regular tournament players and several friends from school and facebook. I hope even more of y'all will join us.
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    sent e mail to agent for more info
    jordy calvin

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