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    Just ran into a new option on the table. My blanket statement for side games are "sucker bets" but this one might not be. Here is how it works. You can bet on the dealer or the player. Kind of like banker or player. You have no hitting decisions, just betting decisions. The dealer hits based on house rules. Has anyone seen this option at any other casinos? and if so how long has it been around? Your best chance of winning is busting out or getting a 17. Automatic lost for BJ unless the dealer has BJ. If you both bust, you get 50% of your bet, a push is still a push.

    The betting at the table was 5 - 500 so I bought in at 100 and bet the dealer option. Used martingale and it was successful as I only made 1 bet of 320 and won which was quite stressful as I could not have gone to 640.

    In the end I played about 1.5 hours and won 165.00. The martingale betting system does not work very well when you are the player but what about when you use "follow the dealer" rules?

    One session does not make a successful test. How about some feedback on this idea? Is it possible that there could be a game where the player has the edge????
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    There are better games out there

    With identical rules of playing for both player and dealer it becomes more like a “war” game. Hands totals are independent of each other and each side should win, push or lose the same amount of times. However, when both sides bust the bettor loses half of his bet.
    For dealer h17 (and player obeying same rules) bust frequency is 28.5%. Both sides bust 8.15%, and since bettor loses half of the wager, casino edge (unless there are additional rules) would be 4.07%.
    Count your blessings and make money outplaying other players in bj tournaments. There are other bj variations with small casino edge, and with some skills could be beaten. One of them that I personally enjoy is Blackjack Switch.
    Good luck,
    S. Yama

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