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Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Canada)' started by fgk42, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. fgk42

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    This weekend there will be a BJT held at Casino de Charlevoix.

    I believe this is in the Quebec province.

    How many hours drive is this from Montreal?

    It says on the calender that the winner gets an entry to the Final Event but nothing is listed for that - any members have any insight to this? Archie, Zweekly?
  2. Archie

    Archie New Member

    Exactly ...

    438 km from Montreal (4 hours).

    I'm leaving for Charlevoix tomorrow morning with my wife. For us, it's 618 km. We plan to leave around 7 a.m EST and go through Montreal later in the morning.

    Charlevoix is the name of beautiful region of Quebec Province sparsely populated and tourist oriented, located on the banks of the St. Lawrence river, close to the mouth of the Atlantic. The casino is an intimate and agreably run government mini-casino adjacent to the Manoir Richelieu, a five star resort hotel. Built at the beginning of the 19th century (it looks like a British Stone Castle), it's now owned by the Fairmount chain of hotels and located close to a small city called La Malbaie.

    The winner of the tournament gets 33k out of a prize pool of 42k (if they get 84 entries). If they don't get 84 entries, the prize pool (100% EV) will be adjusted proportionately.

    The Grand Finale of March 2008 in Gatineau (Quebec) will have a first prize of 200k out of a prize pool of 126 x 2000 (entry fee) = 252K. Again they'll need 126 entries or the prize pool will be adjusted proportionately. Gatineau is a twin city with Ottawa, the national capital. The middle-size casino is located 30 minutes from the main Airport adjacent to a five star Hilton hotel.

    Contrary to what it says in All In Magazine, winning a tournament (I double checked) is not enough to get your entry fee to the Grand Finale. The Masters series is a point ranking system (the winner gets 2000 points, second 1900 pts, etc.). There are six tournaments in the 2007 series and two left (Charlevoix this weekend and Gatineau, my hometown, in december with a first prize of 50k).

    Last year, the top first seven players ranked got their 2000k entry fee paid and the next eight got half of their entry paid. I finished 11th with 2000 points for half an entry fee.

    It's the same point system this year, but I believe it will take good results in at least two tournaments this year to get a full entry paid and more than 2500 points to get half an entry paid.

    Nice trip to Montreal Fred and happy birthday. If you decide to drive to La Malbaie, remember it's a four hour drive and a scenic view past Quebec city.
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  3. fgk42

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    So is this that funky combination tourney that you described earlier?
  4. Archie

    Archie New Member

    Much better rules this year

    Last year, it was a hybrid format. This year, you get two chances to win a table and make the semis. Six spots in the semis also go to the highest chip winners of the qualification rounds.

    In the semis, the six table winners make the final table. There's a draw for the final spot.The final is an elimination format with no surrender allowed, one secret bet and, at the end, a five hands heads-up between the last two surviving players.

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