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    The Oct. 31, 2005 tournament cruise is set and we are now taking deposits. Please get your deposits in early to get the lowest possible rates on the cruise. Cabins are booking fast, cruise is not just for the tournament players (2,400 passengers total). Call Jim Thomas for more details on cruise and the four major tournaments on board at 1-800-783-8646 with Point Loma World Travel.

    Also Global-Player Casino will be hosting online satellite blackjack tournaments for the cruise. All new players use the code word "Cruise" for additional bonus.
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    Big names on hand

    Besides the bj tournaments and exiotic ports of call, you will get to meet some of the best players in the world.

    Here is a small list of players that have said they would like to go on the cruise:

    Stanford Wong, Anthony Curtis, Max Rubin, Kevin Blackwood, Ken Simth, Henry Tamburin and some of the original MIT bj team.

    And very special guest Joe (The Big) Pane, just hope that have The Big Pain doesn't scare away the other players...LOL
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    Prices frozen, but book soon.

    I just found out that the Cruise prices have gone up about $100 per person for the Oct. 31st cruise. Because I booked our cabins (200) several months ago we still have the lower price, but only for limited number of cabins.

    Upgrades are availble and you will still get the lower rates if you book one of the first 200 cabins.

    For booking call Jim Thomas at 1-800-783-8646 with Point Loma World Travel.

    For our satellite tournaments go to Global Player

    *Note: The satellite tournaments will pay all cash prizes so all can play in them whether or not they want to go on the cruise.
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    Travel agency change

    Due to lack of effort on the part of the first company I was forced to retain a new travel agency. Please let me know if you contacted this last agency and they did not get back with you. This happened to a couple of players that I know of and is not acceptable, this is why we changed. The new contact number for booking your cruise is 1-800-783-8646, ask for Jim Thomas.

    If anyone has a problem booking this cruise you can call me personally Rick Jensen at 1-866-839-8687 (toll free). I will see the problem is taken care off

    This cruise is for you the players, I thought a new venue might be nice and found a way to offer you and yours fun and sun and possibly make some money at the same time.

    Cabins are limited, call and reserve your passage today for the best prices.

    *************** Blackjack Tournaments Cruise********************

    FOUR BLACKJACK TOURNAMENTS and a exotic cruise with over $100,000 in prize money (per tournament), based on 300 entries and 150 re-buys (100% return of all entries).

    Prize Breakdown per tournament

    First Prize: $50,000
    Second Prize: $25,000
    Third Prize: $12,500
    Fourth Prize: $7500
    Fifth Prize: $5000
    Sixth Prize: $3000
    Semifinalist: 7th - 18th - $1000 each

    CARNIVAL SPIRIT 8-Day Mexican Riviera - Monday, October 31, 2005. Departing San Diego, CA. - From $619.00 per person.
    Please call 1-800-783-8646 for immediate bookings or email us if you need more information.

    Private hosted Welcome Aboard cocktail reception * Gourmet meals * "Las Vegas" style live show & entertainment * Complimentary 24 hour room service * Luxury Spa & salon.

    * PARTNERS & TEAM PLAY (Side pools)

    There will be $10 partners and $10 team play side pots available! Example: Player A partners up with player B, they each put $10 in the prize pool. Each player may have up to three partners at $10 for each one. The partners who have the highest combine total for the first round (first round only re-buys don't count) win. We take 10% up to $500 for cost and then payout: Possible payouts with 300 players (after 10%) 1st - 50% = $4050, 2nd - 30% = 2,530, 3rd - 20% = $1,620 Nice payout for maximum bet of $30 to be with three partners. All prize money paid before start of third round. The same is done for team player, three players (A,B,& C), (A,B & D), A,B & E). As long as one player is different it makes a new team. Same payouts as partners.


    Space is limited. No qualifications necessary* - entries will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis and you must be at least 21 years of age to enter.

    To participate in our Blackjack Cruise Tournament you must enter and purchase your cruise through Point Loma World Travel, as this tournament will be limited to a maximum of 300 entrants. List entry fee is $300 plus $20 fee per tournament and guaranteed two re-buys at $150 each per player if wanted. (The $100,000 in prize money is based on number of entries including re-buys, 100% of all entry fees will be returned as prize money.)

    1. Each player starts with $500 in "No Cash Value Chips", Betting limits Min. $10 and Max. $200. DD after any first two cards (DD on BJ okay), surrender offered, splits up to three times (only once on Aces), DD after splits (except on Aces).
    2. This Blackjack Tournament will be played in an elimination format where the players will compete against each other (24 hands) at each table, with the player, from each table, who has the most total chip value advancing to the next round.
    3. The Semi-final rounds (24 hands) will consist of all the players, who advanced, competing for the ‘6’ spots in the final round.
    4. The Final Prize Round of ‘6’ players will also consist of 24 hands.
    5. The Texas Tournaments will issue special casino tournament chips for the tournament with every player receiving the same amount in chip value. "No Cash Value Chips" will be used in all the tournaments.
    6. The tournament will be held on the ship while cruising international waters, with dealers furnished by Barona Casino.
    7. Texas Tournaments will operate this tournament in conjunction with Carnival Cruise Lines and Point Loma World Travel Inc.
    8. The complete tournament rules will be given to all participants on the cruise prior to the beginning of the tournament.
    9. In the unlikely event that there is not sufficient participation for this tournament, organizers may cancel prior to June 31, 2005 and refund 100% of all deposit and cruise payments made by the entrant.
    10. Call us for the package price for single travelers and for those who wish to bring your family.
    11. Cancellation/penalty period begins June 31, 2005. Please refer to the cancellation/penalty section of the Carnival brochure or call 1-800-783-8646 for additional information and full details.
    12. Tournament rules may be subject to change.

    All this action aboard the CARNIVAL SPIRIT - Monday October 31, 2005 -- from San Diego, California. From $619.00* inside (all rates are based on double occupancy).
    CARNIVAL SPIRIT:This is the SuperLiner that introduced Spirit-class sailing and such innovations as the two-level promenade and the reservations-only supper club. Among her outstanding features is greater speed, which makes it possible for you to visit destinations that would take other ships 10 days or more.Also remarkable is that 80% of her staterooms have ocean views, and of those, 80% have balconies, so you can admire that panoramic scenery from the comfort of your own private stateroom. Ship's Registry: Panama.Delectable dining, endless entertainment and friendly casinos are just a small part of the “Fun Ship” onboard experience. With so many things to do, you might not know where to start. One thing’s for sure; you’ll never want it to end. Spend an incredible eight days cruising the Mexican Riviera aboard the Carnival Spirit.
    Day........Port of Call....................... Arrival Time.......... Depart Time

    Monday San Diego, CA--------------4:00pm

    Tuesday: 1st Tournament

    Wednesday: 2nd Tournament

    Thursday: Acapulco, Mexico----------1:00pm

    Friday: Acapulco, Mexico--------------------------------2:00am

    Friday: Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa, Mexico----9:00am------------6:00pm

    Saturday: Manzanillo, Mexico----------7:00am------------6:00pm

    Sunday: 3rd Tournament

    Monday: 4th Tournament

    Tuesday: San Diego, CA----------------------------------7:00am
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  5. TXtourplayer

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    Smooth bookings

    The new travel agency handling the bookings for the cruise tournaments on Oct. 31, have been getting good reviews. Now calls and e-mails are all on a positive note. So far I have been told bookings has been easy and hassle free. For booking call Jim Thomas at 1-800-783-8646 with Point Loma World Travel.

    Like I posted earlier if anyone has a problem while booking for the Blackjack Cruise, please call me personally and I will take care of you. Rick at 1-866-839-8687.

    We hope to see between 180 - 300 players for each of the four tournament on board the Carnival's "Spirit" for the 8 night Mexicain Riviera cruise.

    Aces & Faces
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  6. instagator

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    Very Special Guest!

    And very special guest Joe (The Big) Pane, just hope that have The Big Pain doesn't scare away the other players...LOL[/QUOTE]

    Isn't Joe banned by Carnival Cruise Lines? I thought they were owned by Green Valley Ranch.
  7. Joep

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    86 ed

    Instagator AKA Chuck you are officially banned "86" from my house effective today.When in town find someplace else to watch WSOB.If you want to know why all I can tell you is that it was a "BUSINESS DECISION" :D
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  8. KenSmith

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    I'm in!

    I just called and booked an ocean view cabin for me, my wife Jan and our seven year-old son Matthew. The transaction went smoothly so far, and I'm looking forward to this trip. See y'all there!

    For an ocean view cabin, I put down a $300 deposit each, and the balance will be due in August.
  9. Springbac

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    Cruise Booking

    Jim Thomas at Point Loma Travel was great in booking my cruise reservation today. Cabin with balcony was $924 with all taxes & port charges included. TX I would like to have a complete schedule of events prior to departure. I saw it somewhere early on in the postings, but do not find it now.
    Sounds like a good trip. This is a really new ship that is making the same trip every eight days. For the Summer it will be making the Alaska cruise, & then return to the Mexican cruise. If you would like to see the detail structure, facilities, & rooms go to :)
  10. TXtourplayer

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    Possible sponsors for the cruise tournaments

    Well it is looking more and more like I am going to get some outside sponsorship for some if not all the cruise tournaments.

    As soon as I finalize the deals with each sponsor I will post it here. It should add any where from $5,000 to $10,000 extra to the prize pool for each sponsored event.

    The Global-Player Cruise satellites will start back up in April.
  11. TXtourplayer

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    Prices frozen, but book soon.

    If you checked out Springbac link for Carnival cruise line you will see the prices have gone from starting at $619 to $899 (here is the link)

    Note however that I blocked 200 cabins three months ago and you can still get the lower prices that are frozen at the $619 price. You do however have to go through Jim Thomas with Point Loma World Travel at 1-800-783-8646.

    We are starting to book up now and earlier this week the Stardust allowed me to pass out about 150 flyers to all the tournament players.

    Everyone is invited, but book to get the best rates.

    Hope to see you all on board.
  12. instagator

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    I guess that also means no more New York stle pizza.
  13. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Actually, Springbac booked a balcony cabin, so that's why the big difference. Carnival now shows the lowest price cabins at $669, but that may understate the difference because I think Rick's price includes some taxes and fees that the Carnival site does not.

    Regardless, calling Jim Thomas is the way to go.
  14. TXtourplayer

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    Cruise bonus prize

    Things are really starting to come together for the cruise tournaments. It now looks like we will be offering a bonus cash prize to anyone that might win's two of the four tournaments on board (only good for the first player to do so).

    The bonus prize could be $100,000 or more depending on how many players we have in each tournament. The insurance company will let me know how many players we have to get in each tournament to make it work.
  15. Snapper

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    Nice work, TX

    The wife & I booked a balcony already. If anything becomes of the speculation of financial markets (i.e., the price of oil possibly doubling by Autumn), the current cruise & airfare prices could turn out to be a bargain.
  16. TXtourplayer

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    Sign-up Bonus!

    Carnival Cruise line call me today and is offering a $25.00 cabin credit for all passengers (in our group) that sign-up and send in their deposits by April 22nd, (next Friday). That is a $5,000 to $7,500 bonus from Carnival for a cruise we were already selling.

    Not to worry everybody that has already sign-up will get the bonus as well.
    Carnival is very excited about this tournament cruise and are trying to help me make it a hugh success.

    Thanks Carnival!

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