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Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Online Casinos)' started by PlayHunter, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. PlayHunter

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    Hey fellas,

    Anyone on this forum is playing this Facebook game ? It is not for cash, no cash can be made with it !!
    But man, it hooked me. I find it very addictive ! (and this comes from an old time experienced BJT player)

    If anyone plays it, let me know your name displayed in-game. So we know against who we play. :)
    I no longer have where to play blackjack tourneys, but this game can be very helpful if you want to train !!

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  2. LeftNut

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    I've been messing around on there for quite some time but the game set me to "private" for some reason so nobody else can see me. Quite annoying and they won't fix it unless I delete myself and start all over. Not willing to throw away the 300M+ chips I've amassed to accomplish that.

    While it is cool to have an online BJT site to play, the 4-hand rounds (!) don't allow for much strategic play. It's a bomber's paradise.
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  3. PlayHunter

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    Hey LeftNut,

    Yep. The 4th handed Spin&GO's certainly can't allow for too much strategy. But the tournament format allows for 8 hands with the 4th one being only the elimination hand. That one allows for a bit more strategic play.

    Write them a Support ticket about your non-wanted private account issue. Maybe they will correct it for you or will agree to transfer your 300M from your actual account to a new registered account. Support service is OK.

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  4. LeftNut

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    Tried that. Got shot down. Thanks for the suggestion, though!
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  5. bjmace

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    Hi everyone long time no play lol , I’ve been playing on there a couple of months and am now chatting to an admin on the community site for it they are getting lots of players and maybe in future they could do monthly meg tournaments leading to a land one who knows
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  6. Still have the app? There have been a few changes since 2017, 2018, but basically the same.

    The name has changed to Blackjack 21 - World Tournament

    They added a Friend vs Friend similar to the Spin & Go but just 2 players, 4 hands.

    I am trying to organizing a once a month FB Event
    1v1 Round Robin using the BJ21 App
    You play everyone once for 100K.

    It is just for FUN
    No Money Involved
    BJ21 App required and you must register with your 10 digit BJ21 FRIEND ID as your GAMER TAG
    Good Practice.
    Fridays at the end of the month.
  7. I don't think it's a bomber's paradise, sure you win some going all in on every hand, but you also lose everything quickly. So with 4 hands there's still chip management.

    You know you can delete and re-install a Facebook account and not lose your chips, the info is in the cloud or in this case a server in S. Korea, If the info is only on your phone yes, you can't delete it and re-install, but I could talk to support about your 300M+ for you.
  8. I am an Admin for the community site don't remember a conversation with you, but I am trying to organize a once a month FB Event, not associated with NeonGames or Facebook. NeonGames is providing me with 100M in BJ21 chips (not cash or money). It's just for fun, bragging rights, practice, etc...
    100 Million Total in BJ21 Chips
    1st Place 50 Million in BJ21 Chips
    2nd Place 30 Million in BJ21 Chips
    3rd Place 20 Million in BJ21 Chips
    Get YOUR FRIEND ID from within the BJ21 App. Then Register using your 10 digit FRIEND ID as your GAMER TAG.
    *IMPORTANT* Use YOUR FRIEND ID from the BJ21 game as YOUR GAMER TAG, it is REQUIRED.
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