Blackjack Tournaments in Vegas from 5/28 - 6/3/2018?

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by koreancowboy, May 1, 2018.

  1. koreancowboy

    koreancowboy Member

    Hi all,

    I've used the Tournaments section to find out where the usual tourneys are during the week in Vegas (used to live there). I'll be there from 5/29 - 6/3/2018 on a boys' trip, so I'm trying to get as much gambling in as I can LOL

    I'm aware of the one at Excalibur on 5/29, and plan on going to that one and the one at Suncoast on 5/30.

    Does anyone know of any bigger tournaments going on that week?
  2. Moses

    Moses Active Member

    The Golden Nugget has a $100,000 tournament that weekend. The entry fee is $500 at the Friday evening registration. It is a very well run tournament.
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  3. koreancowboy

    koreancowboy Member

    Thank you! I've reached out to GN to get more information. I don't want to miss out on that!
  4. noman

    noman Top Member

    koreancowboy. If you make GN, please report back on your experience. Word in the wind they are changing some things. Such as entry fee. Rebuy amount. Mulligan and who really knows what else. Has been a decent value in past with some hiccups, but.....
  5. LeftNut

    LeftNut Top Member

    Yes please, koreancowboy. Let us know. I've played the GN 100K's in the past but they've always tilted things in favor of their comped guests and it became so ridiculous that I stopped going.
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  6. The_Professional

    The_Professional Active Member

    I think this is a slot tournament.

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