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  1. sloto

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    Hi All

    Miami Club Casino runs regular blackjack Tournaments for you to enjoy and allows US Players to play.

    You can find it at www (dot) miamiclubcasino (dot) im

  2. zweeky

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    There are no blackjack tournaments listed on the schedule or in the list of available games.
  3. PlayHunter

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    There is currently one Blackjack tourney running right now on Miami Club Casino. It started on 1 March and will end on 14. (current pool $57) (Tourney lobby)

    Not a freeroll, the buy in is $1 and it have unlimited re-buys, also for $1. Does not have a guaranteed prize pool, but the buy-ins are 100% returned in prizes.

    *I have suggested to the support, and I am suggesting to Ms. Sloto too, to make the blackjack tourneys "countable" and more skill inclined by not shuffling the decks after each hand and allowing at least a 75% penetration into the decks so good skilled players can have a better winning chance. Only for tournaments.
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    Zweeky, it's been a while since you've posted. Nice to see you back!
  5. zweeky

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    Thanks. But my enthusiasm to post is in strong correlation with the number of online BJT sites available to play!
  6. LeftNut

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    Good to see you here again, Z. :cheers:

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