BR1 OOP vs. Thinking BR2 Plus Two >Max Bet Ahead

Discussion in 'Blackjack Tournament Strategy' started by Monkeysystem, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Monkeysystem

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    The following situation came up in my most recent tournament:

    Last hand. One will advance to finals. Min bet 10, max bet 2,000 in increments of 5. No surrender, insurance, or even money allowed. Blackjacks pay 2:1. This is a face down pitch game.

    BR2 has been measuring his bets and keeping a watchful eye on the chip stacks.

    BR3 is first to act.

    BR3...…………... stack 6,175 bet 2,000
    Monkeysystem stack 8,205 bet ?
    Thinking BR2 stack 7,400
    BR4...…………... stack 6,000

    As I saw it I had two choices for my bet.

    Choice #1. Bet 800. This forces BR2 to bet the max and win his bet. However, I will not be able to cover the double downs by BR3 and BR4.

    Choice #2. Bet 2,000. BR2 can respond by betting 1,190 to take the low on me. However, he will not be able to double down aggressively to retake the high if I tuck my hand. My bet covers the double downs by BR3 and BR4.

    This seems to me to be a pretty close decision. If it weren't for the double down threat from BR3 and BR4, this would be an easy decision to bet 800. If BR3 and/or BR4 were within a max bet I would probably have to bet 2,000.

    Can anybody generate some numbers to analyze this situation?
    Would my decision change if BR4 didn't exist?
    What if we add a BR5 with a stack of 5,995?
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  2. gronbog

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    I can run the numbers, but may not have time until early next week.
  3. S. Yama

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    I appreciate Monkeysystem thoroughness (as usual) in setting up the situation.
    Gronbog, can you add to your sim his bet of 1,000 and BR2 betting both low and high,
    S. Yama

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