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Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by Cindy Courtney, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. First, I want to wish everyone a joyous and wonderful holiday season. May it be filled with love and peace!

    I have updated the event calendar with our tournament dates for next year. As most of you know, there was discussion of changing our guaranteed prize pool. After careful consideration, I have decided to go back to the $30K guaranteed prize pool with a buy-in/rebuys of $120. This change insures the health and longevity of our tournaments~~

    I appreciate the friends I have made hosting these tournaments and all of your support through the years.

    I look forward to seeing everyone in April.

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  2. johnr

    johnr Member

    Thank you Cindy, I am planning on being at all of your tournaments.
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  3. george

    george Top Member

    thanks for being here ...you have a good tournament ..I will play all the big ones ..to for to drive for the smaller ones ..so you have happy holidays see you next year
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  4. Moses

    Moses Active Member

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  5. Jonny21

    Jonny21 Active Member

    Hi Cindy - I tried to book a room at Buffalo Run for Friday,Saturday and Sunday (April 20-22) and was told the hotel is sold out. Are any rooms being held for tournament players?

    Thanks, Jon
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  6. Hi Jon!

    I do have a tournament block. Please give me a call later this afternoon at 918-541-6249 and I will get you set up.

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  7. Jonny21

    Jonny21 Active Member

    Terrific, thank you Cindy.
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  8. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member

    BJT's Johnr took 5th place at Buffalo Run on April 22.
    Nice job, John!

    Billy C
  9. johnr

    johnr Member

    Thank you, was good visiting with you and friends that I have made through these tournaments.
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  10. PitchMan

    PitchMan Active Member

    My congratulations too,... to you JohnR, and to my traveling buddy Richard who got the lucky wild card and came 6th. It is always a true pleasure getting to visit with the great group of players and the friendly staff at this exceptional event. Thanks and congrats on another great tournament weekend to Cindy, Kim, Chef Chris and the rest of the BRC crew! These folks always treat us so well! I can't wait to see you all again at the next one on July 28th & 29th.
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  11. george

    george Top Member

    a good win to johnr,,,, Richard ,,,,,job well done congratulations......are the july 28th & 29th right ?????? or are they the 21th $ 22th......
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  12. PitchMan

    PitchMan Active Member

    Hi George. Yes, it has been changed to July 28th & 29th.

    Anyone we know who was in the money at the Hard Rock?
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  13. PitchMan

    PitchMan Active Member

    And.... FYI... I tried to change the dates on the site, but it gave me an error message and I reported it. Hopefully it will be changed soon.
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  14. Jonny21

    Jonny21 Active Member

    Congrats on getting to the final table John. That is a tough crowd to fight your way through. Very much enjoyed seeing you and your wife and all the other tournament regulars.
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  15. The_Professional

    The_Professional Active Member

    Congratulations to John and Richard, excellent play as usual.
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  16. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Editing events has been fixed. I updated the Buffalo Run event to the corrected dates of July 28-29. Thanks!
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  17. george

    george Top Member

    was a full crowd had rebuy round at 3 ...I went out first round on hand 10 ,,rebuy on hand 11....vance went out first round hand 11,on rebuy on hand 12 didn't have enough money then no wild card for us maybe next time
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  18. PitchMan

    PitchMan Active Member

    Thanks Ken, for correcting the problem and doing the update.

    Thanks George for the update on the HR.

    By the way, Jonny21, amen to the "tough crowd to fight your way through" comment. No matter which table you draw, most of the players will test your mettle. But, that's just one of the many things that makes it an exceptional tournament destination. It's a great weekend of competing and visiting with so many friends!
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  19. noman

    noman Top Member

    I concur with pitchman and Jonny 21. One of the outstanding features of Buffalo Run is the competition.
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  20. July 28th and 29. I have also had to change the tournament dates for October. These damn concerts LOL....October will be October 6 and 7.
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