Canadian Master's in Spetember

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Canada)' started by RKuczek, Jul 17, 2007.

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    I will be playing the Canadian Master's Tournament in Spetember in Montreal - Sept. 17 is the date of the tournament -

    never played one of these before - would appreciate any info on format - etc that anyone may have -

    also looking forward to meeting any bjters who may be playing there
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    This tournament is not part of the Canadian Master's. In Quebec, the three casinos run their own circuit simply called "Blackjack Masters tour".

    Format goes like this:

    126 players maximum.

    First round (morning): 18 table of 7 players. 21 hands. Winner of each table is qualified for the semi-final.
    Second round (afternoon): 18 table of 6 players. 21 hands. Winner of each table is qualified for the semi-final.

    In addition to the 36 qualified semi-finalists, the top 6 players with cumulative score of both rounds go to the semi-final.

    Semi-Final: 6 table of 7 players. 21 hands. Winner of each table goes to the final.

    A 7th lucky finalist is determined by a draw from all players registered.

    FINAL: If we do have 126 players, prizes are 50000 - 5000 - 3000 - 2000 - 1500 - 1000 - 500. This represents 100% of fees: 126 X $500 = $63000.

  4. swog

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    Thank you for straightening that out for me zweeky.
    I saw Canadian Masters, and thought he was talking about the main event.
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    Yes, that's what bring confusion, it's called "Canadian Masters" but it's Ontario only. It would be more clear if both circuits would be called "Ontario Masters" and "Quebec Masters".
  6. RKuczek

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    Thanks for the replies

    very informative - I was not really aware of the difference between Masters of Bj and Canadian Masters of BJ - also saw something which made me think it was a hybrid format -

    I am looking forward to the tourney
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    It was hybrid last year until the final tournament in March. Now it's full elimination.
  8. RKuczek

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    never played accumulation - but the accumulation set up sounded better for getting through to the semi than single advance - but play single advance every month in Yuma -

    I am much looking forward to the trip - especially since my dear, sweet, obviously demented, sister, brother-in-law, and mother are 'sponsoring' me into the tourney as a birthday present -

    hope to meet some of the Canadian/East Coast tbjers there
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    Looking forward to meeting you ;)

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