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    Hey all - I'm seeking some advice. I'm planning my upcoming trips and I came across a conflict and I'm not sure which is the better option so I would like some advice.

    During the weekend of March 22-24:

    I received my invite to the Hilton 30K event.
    I also noted that the MGM has a 300,000 event (invite only) same weekend

    Now the Canadian Masters Final is being held the same weekend - open event with 1,500 entry fee 252,000 prize pool.

    Obviously I can't be in Vegas and Niagra Falls at the same time.

    If it's a choice between the 30,000 Hilton freebie versus the 250,000 Canadian I'm thinking about taking my chances in Niagra Falls (my travel expenses are similar to each place)

    The kicker is the MGM 300,000 invite. I haven't played there in awhile and have no host. Any idea what type of play I'd have to have to get into the MGM event? (I'm going to be in Vegas 3 weeks before).

    To me the obvious choice would be to play in the two invite events (IF I can get the 300,000 invite). Assuming I don't get the MGM invite, all costs being equal any recommendations about Hilton 30K versus Niagra Falls Masters Final?

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    Not sure about the Hilton affair....but I have played in Canada Masters...

    Its a good game....aprox 180 players...max...<200 for sure.

    So your chances are good just by the limited number of entries...the 1,500 (aprox) its $2,000 CAN funds I think...use to include room, gift, a meal or 2...and whatever else you can talk a host into.. out They are actually pretty fair there.

    Beautiful hotel...nice show room etc...

    Id go for the two freebies but... if only the 30,000 game then perhaps the Masters is the better choise.

    You can also play in the monthly Falls events ....200 prize is $25,000 plus a Masters tax on winnings in Canada....USA probably want you to declare those winnings at the US border

    Ya right!!!!!
  3. TXtourplayer

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    Try the Masters...

    If you have never been to Fallsview casino it really is a nice casino and has a great view of the falls from your hotel room.

    The tournament has (or at least had) alot of rabbits in it (start off strong betting), which can be a good thing if the dealer is hot.

    Now don't get me wrong, I love Vegas, but for a change of venue I suggest the Canadian Masters.

    If you go, say hi to BJFan4 and his wife for me.
  4. BJFAN4

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    Canadian Masters

    Rick: thanks for the kind words for our local tournament. Any BJTers attending, please look us up and I will buy you a good canadian beer.:)
    But the Canadian friendliness stops when the tournament starts.:flame:
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    I played in 6 of the masters qualifiers. Twice I made it to the final table. Both times the wild card winner won. That rule drives me nuts. I haven't played in the finals. But, in the qualifiers, there are many rabbits and lots of people with zero strategy. I hope more people like them show up to play.
  6. BJFAN4

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    Canadian Masters at Fallsview

    Just a reminder, any BJTers coming in for the tournament on Friday should look me up. I will be wearing my "lucky" Golden Nugget GN blue baseball cap.:D :D :D
  7. fgk42

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    Canadian Masters Tourney – March 23, 2007

    The format for this tourney was this: 168 players with 3 rounds. 21 hands with a countdown on hand 20.

    Round 1: 8 tables of 7 players with two players advancing = 16 people That put 48 people into round 2 – so a single wild card drawing was made of all 120 people who didn’t advance. The odds of a wild card seat was 0.83%.

    Round 2 had 49 people: 7 tables of 7 players with one player advancing.

    Round 3: Final table 7 players

    The rules were TBJT: 6 deck shoe. All cards dealt face up. Min bet 25 max bet 500 with a starting BR of 2,000. No surrender. One card only on split aces. No doubling on two card 21 (this came back to haunt me)

    Since it was my first time at this location and this was a higher limit tourney I decided to be very conservative in my wagering. I was seated in seat 6. Therefore, assuming no one busted out, I would be betting next to last on the final hand.

    On the first hand seat one came out the gate beating 250. That was followed by 200, 25, 200, 350, my 25 and 250. The other players weren’t “wildcat bettors” but they were definitely aggressive. Unfortunately the dealer was determined to give chips away and busted frequently and only drew to 17 several times.

    There was a countdown after hand 14 and at that time BR1, to my right in seat 5, had 5,100 while I had 2997.50. Now BR2-BRL had from 3,500 to 2,000. With a max bet of 500 it was still fairly close.

    Seats 3 & 5 advance to semi-final round with a guarantee of 1,000.

    I came in 3rd place at my table and didn't advance. I was upset that I couldn’t DD on the BJ, as I would have done that to get more chips on the table. If I DD on the BJ that would have given me the opportunity, assuming I got a 10, to overtake BR2 and advance.

    Lessons learned:

    Lower betting limits are difficult to overcome when you fall behind early. I found myself correlating with seat 3. Both of us were behind (BRL and BRL-1 respectfully) going into hand 14.

    Overall I enjoyed the tournament – I felt it was well run. My only complaint was that they fell behind schedule and ran well over the intended time.

    Prize pool money: 252,000 with first place winning 125,000. 168 entries x 1,500 = 252,200.00. All people advancing to the semi-finals (Round 2) received 1,000!

    My only critiques of this tourney:
    1. Re-buys were not available – something I think they should consider as I know there were many people, myself included, who would have been willing to do a second attempt
    2. Not having surrender as part of the rules – A personal like. However since the casino itself doesn’t offer surrender it would not be a part of their format
    3. Only having 1 advance from Round 3 to the semi-final table – ouch! (I prefer the 2 advance myself)
    4. Only a single wild-card!

    1. Offer a single re-buy
    2. Make this a 2-day event. On day one have the rebuys and Round 2 and let 2 per table advance. On day 2 have a semi-final and final table. This would add an additional “round” but I feel it would give more “value” to a bigger tourney like this.
    3. Allow you to double down on BJ’s.
    4. Change the max bet from 500 to 1,000.

    I look forward to participating in this event next year and may attempt one or more of the monthly qualifiers. Overall I recommend this event and give it a thumbs up! :D
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  8. Rando21

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    Did the entry fee include a room? How about any other comps??? Airport limo...anything??
  9. fgk42

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    Rando, A wonderful room overlooking Niagria Falls which was absolutely beautiful.

    As for other "comps" I'll take the on that (meaning I'll tell you soon :laugh: )

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