Caribbean Stud Tourney to get rid of extra $$$...

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    The casino where I play BJ tourneys has eliminated their C.S. game and evidently this means they have to get rid of the accumulative jackpot. They are doing it by holding tourneys. By-ins only 25 and 1st place pays 5000. It seems there are additional bonuses as well. Its a bit confusing, but I think you get 500 in tourney chips and top player from each table moves on. 3 rounds total and 36-108 players can enter. Has anyone played a C.S. tourney? Or even played the game? It seems pretty simple. I've never played because its a house game, but can anyone tell me how to get proper strategy for the game, especially for tourneys??? Thanks for the help. If you want more info please let me know.

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    Ive played this game but not as a tournament...

    I know Ken Smith won a big closeout tournament recently ...I think it was this game...

    I saw your other post and I dont know if you are talking about C Stud when you ask about raising...

    You are correct...this is a house (often called carnival) game...supposedly the worst bet in the house is the 1 dollar side bet for the jack pot...

    That said there is no point playing this game unless you are playing the jackpot even if its a long shot...

    In this game you place a bet....then after looking at your cards you decide to double that bet or fold.

    Its harder to explain than to play Now the dealer has to qualify with at least Ace, King...or better in order for you to win your second doubled bet...

    If you fold your cards after looking at them then you lose your first placed bet...however if you stay and place that second bet but the dealer does not qualify then you push your second placed bet and win your first placed bet...

    Totally confused?? Dont worry its actually quite easy after you play a few hands...I suggest you go play for a few hours b4 entering the tournament... play the lowest min bet table you can find and only bet the will catch on very fast....and dont be afraid to ask for help...this is not cut throat are playing against the house...all you have to do is beat the dealers hand...

    Hints for toiurnament play would be to watch your money management....jsut like any other tournament your stack compared to the rest of the table...make similar bets when you are tied...catch up bets when you need to ...and opposite bets when it can benefit you most.

    Its not a typical poker game ....I usually stay in if I have at least Ace you have 2, 2 then 3,3 etc the winning poker hands are listed at the table as there are certain payoffs for good hands like 3 of a kind, flush, straight, 4 of kind etc...its all listed there for you ...if you cant see the card just ask....

    So call your hand if you have A,K or your money management and you could do well in a tournament like this...

    I often hear about casinos getting rid of or closing out this fact the only time I ever played is when they were trying to clear out the jackpot...they would lower the stakes ...but having a tournament would be another way...

    I personally dont think they ever get rid of this game...Its a cash cow....they just do these things to promote it

    You can play this game a long time for just a little money...I play sometimes when I just want a break for BJ...its easy no thinking really...and you have a shot at some major money if you hit...last time I played I sat down with 100 bucks and left with 1500 after about 10 beers (small cups) and 4 of a kind...bam!!

    Go have fun....I think Wongs book may mention this game or if not it talks enough about tournaments to certainly be worthwile and instructional for you to a google for Sanford Wong..

    Where is this tourney being held????Sounds like a good deal really.

    Good luck.
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    Where is this tourney?
  4. rounder21

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    Sidekick and Rando...

    Sidekick the tourney is at Ameristar Casino in St. Charles, MO. The first tourney begins March 7 at 7pm (Wed). Then that following saturday (March 10) at 1pm. They will be every wed and sat until they dump the money. I think they said it should take around 16 weeks if I heard right. Minimum of 36 and max of 108 per session. Even with the 108 the odds are good. It costs 25 to enter and heres the payout: 1st 5000, 2nd 2500, 3rd 1200, 4th 700, 5th 400, 6th 200. I have more info if you have any questions but its a long paper I'm not going to just post it all unless someone asks. Obviously the less people that enter (as long as its over 36) the better. I'm happy to share info here though because I've been helped a lot by people at this site.

    Rando, thanks for the long post, lots of valuable info. The strategy you mention about calling if you have A,K or better is descent, but an even better strategy (so I've read) is to call if you have the minimum of A,K,J,8,3.
    It seems by just playing this strategy you have only about a .1 less advantage than someone who plays the optimal strategy according to the wizard of odds. Any way you cut it as you said its a crappy game if youre not playing the tourney at -5. something% (notice the decimal is after the 5 not before it like bj). Unless I'm understanding this wrong, playing the side bet only increases the house odds. Even though you can get a big jackpot its still not worth it unless the jackpot is over 240000 I think. Here are some payouts listed for some hands in the tourney listed:

    Actual dead mans hand (Black aces and 8s and 9 diamonds) 25000
    Royal flush 12000
    straight flush 6000
    4 of kind 1000
    full house 500
    flush 300
    dead mans hand (just aces and 8s) 100
    low straight 100

    Now it says that these hands get you the actual cash amount listed AND the tourney chips. However the payouts are low. I'm not sure if there is a bonus bet in the tourney or if you just automatically get paid when you get the hands, but even if there is it doesnt seem worth it to play it when the payouts are so much lower than the 240000 needed to make the bonus bet worth while (I'm assuming the figure comes from adding all the payouts together?). I'm guessing it would be better not to waste even play chips on the bonus bet if there is one so as to conserve your chips to be number 1 and advance. There are other bonus prizes too. For instance they are drawing a certain amount of names from whoever makes it to the semis and each person gets 100 I think. Something like that. Like I said any other questions just ask. Thanks again for the help Rando. Oh and unfortunately Wongs CTS doesnt have anything about CS tourneys.

    Good Cards,
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    Well you can play I see...

    I would still read every tournament stratgey book I could find even if it is not about CS....

    What are the min ...max bets ?

    Too far for me to travel but it sounds like fun for those nearby...
  6. Sidekick

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    checkout for Stud correct play and hints

    good luck
  7. rounder21

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    Not sure...

    what the minimum and max bets are. Its not on the paper. I'll post when I find out. I'm going again monday for the bj tourney and I'll ask. Sidekick thanks for the wish of luck, I'll need it in a game like this. I've been reading the strategy tips from wizard of odds. I've been thinking of some strategy points or questions I'll post them later.

    Good Cards,

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