Casino du Lac-Leamy Tournament Feb 22, 2010

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  1. gronbog

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    I played in this tournament (came in 2nd!) and thought I would report on the experience. Overall, I found the tournament to be very well organized.

    The good:
    - The tournament was held in a room separate from the casino. Nice and
    quiet with a good atmosphere (light music playing, a fireplace, tables and
    refreshments provided for the players waiting).
    - Friendly staff and dealers.
    - Each session was on time (to the minute) with plenty of slack just in case
    - Free breakfast for 2 and $30 in coupons which could be used as cash (for
    meals or whatever else you wanted).

    The not-so-good:
    - They announced a change to the starting bankroll for the accumulation
    round (from $5000, $25 min, $2000 max to $10000, $25 min, $2000 max)
    5 minutes before the start of the first session, which didn't leave much time
    to reconsider strategy.
    - The tournament was, unfortunately, not full (104 out of a possible 126
    players) so the prize money was proportionally reduced.

    The bizarre:
    - players were allowed to track chip counts using pen & paper. I found this
    out while playing the final table. Even so, 4 of the 6 remaining players still
    made bad bets on the final hand.

    Overall, I think other tournament organizers could learn from how this tournament was run. Though it was a medium sized event, it felt like playing in the big time. Hopefully it will fill up the next time (promised but no date yet).
  2. gronbog

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    Next Lac-Leamy Tournament

    Monday August 30. Posted on the calendar.
  3. Billy C

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    Where is this in relation to Sault St. Marie or other landmarks that us in the U.S. can use to figure driving distance.

    Billy C
  4. gronbog

    gronbog Top Member

    Where is Casino du Lac-Leamy?

    It's near Gatineau in the province of Quebec, or if you can't find that, Ottawa in the province of Ontario. Very close to the Ontario/Quebec border, so don't worry, you won't need to speak french.
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  5. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member

    The distance and purse size make it way prohibitive for me. Would also need a passport to get back in the states, I think.
    I'm more apt to play at the Niagra Falls event sometime in the future.

    Billy C
  6. gronbog

    gronbog Top Member

    Next Niagara events are Sept 1, Nov 10 and Jan 12. Details on the calendar. I'll be there in Sept and likely Nov and Jan as well.
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