Casino Tournament Strategy by Stanford W

Discussion in 'Sidewalk Cafe' started by tootsie, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. tootsie

    tootsie Member

    Either read it on this site or heard somewhere that there will be a new edition of this book. Does anyone know when it will come out?

  2. swog

    swog Elite Member Staff Member

    I had to double check the interview I had with Wong, listed in the interview section on this site by the way, but he said the new addition would be out late this Summer......Here is the interview..
  3. noman

    noman Top Member

    Casino Tournament Strategy:

    To continue an obtusive mood:

    Tootsie: Sorry, I wouldn't wait for Wong's book. Anyone who's gone to the "dark side" with a dice manipulation strategy book has to be looked at with askance.

    Better to wait for the promised soon to be released "Strategy" book by Cerritos, or something David Mathews would post. And for that matter there is a proposed, in the works,(please soon) Ken Smith book. Or maybe even Obie-Wan-K-Normie could be induced to reduce the vitriol for a readabale, entertaining, educational "HOW TO WIN,,,,"

    In today's environment, any of the above alternatives to the mysterious man from the EAST is a better odds bet.
  4. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    Ok, am I missing something here? Could you elaborate for us uninformed newbie posters? Dice manipulation strategy? What has that to do with BJ?
  5. noman

    noman Top Member


    The indominatable icon, oriental legend of all time Master Wong, not only morphed his historic bj tournament strategy(also parlayed it) into sports betting strategy, but has come up with, on his ancient reputation, a "dice manipulation" formula, strategy.

    What it has to do with bj tourneys is....Norm will sell you a bridge in Brooklyn if you believe the above.

    Oh, I forgot. Now all public property is up for sale(or lease) depending on how you interpert it. Chicago SkyWay. Indiana Toll Road. Various TX's highways. Colorado bypasses. Canadian thruways. The old bridge joke ain't a joke anymore. But dice manipulation is, was and forever will be.
  6. Reachy

    Reachy New Member

    A whole library of TBJ books?

    So are there more TBJ specific books in the offing, other than Ken's and Hollywoods that is? That is good news :D

    I've heard that Mr W is adding additional chapters including Lottery Tournament Strategy, Scratchcard Tournament Strategy and Guess The Weight of the Squash Tournament Strategy


  7. noman

    noman Top Member


    You forgot! The five page algerbraic formula to exactly predict the time, location and player head butting an opponent in a World Soccor Cup Final.
  8. Reachy

    Reachy New Member

    It's called football...

    ...because you use your feet!! Mostly :p.

    Actually Rugby's full title is "Rugby Football" and I believe soccer, as you Americans call it, was, certainly in the UK at least, called "Association Football". The myth is that a guy called Webb-Ellis was playing Association Football at Rugby School and decided to pick the ball up an run with it, hence Rugby Football. By that logic you should call "American Football" just "American"!!!

    In Australia they have a lethal game called, yes you've almost guessed it, "Australian Rules Football" which is usually abbreviated to "Austalian Rules". You might then prefer to call your version "American Rules Football" which would become "American Rules", and if you're feeling really patriotic you could add an exclamation mark.



  9. noman

    noman Top Member


    Reachy: TY for the enlightenment. I shall strive to be quicker on the uptake than Lisa.
  10. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    All kidding aside - difficult for me to do - Don't forget Kenny E's play to win new edition supposidly has a TBJ section also! (a new chapter yahoo!)

    I thought I read in a different thread where Hollywood was delaying his TBJ until his other BJ book came out.

    Then we may see more articles with the new All in BJ/poker magazine hybrid.
  11. Reachy

    Reachy New Member

    Have Ken E's book

    and it is already a TBJ book. Problem is that it's a little light on the strategy/technical side. It makes for an interesting read but don't expect anything ground-breaking. The new edition will add a chapter on multi-elimination style TBJ (i.e. UBT) from what I hear.


  12. ANDY 956

    ANDY 956 Member

    Dice craps

    It appears that Noman and the casinos agree with each other that being able to manipulate dice at a craps table is a load of bunkum.

    I recently saw a television documentary featuring two of the leading exponents on dice control. Like Noman and some others on here I was sceptical that anyone could learn this skill, but having never thrown dice on a craps table who was I to judge.

    The experts gave explanations about the art of dice manipulation but to my dismay never demonstrated their skills in front of the television cameras. Maybe they had their own reasons for this.

    What I can’t understand is that if the ability to control dice is all hogwash and the casinos themselves don’t believe that it can be done, then why have some eminent people in the gaming world endorsed it?

  13. Reachy

    Reachy New Member

    King Canute

    Sometimes people believe their own hype, maybe there is an element of that here? Don't mean to diss anybody in particular but maybe some people actually think they can stop the sea from coming in?


  14. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    You can.............If you live in Holland...............or you're "the" Moses :laugh:
  15. toolman1

    toolman1 Active Member


    We have really got off the subject of this thread but so what? To those that don't believe dice can be manipulated, I have some food for thought.

    When shooting craps, the shooter never quite throws the dice the same way. Speed, angle, rotation in air, and where the dice hits the table varies with each throw. Now if one could precisely control these and other factors, would not the results be less random? Bowlers do it all the time - speed, angle, ball rotation, where the ball first meets the lane. Now control dice shooting cannot be as precise as a bowler rolling his ball but the similarities are there.

    Can dice be controlled? You bet'cha.
    Can they be controlled in such a way as to fly under the casino's radar once the casino understands that control dice shooting is possible? Probably not.

    If enough people learn and apply the techniques, casinos will start backing off crap shooters just as now happens to BJ players.

    If anyone is wondering if I can control dice, the answer is no. I'm too busy loosing my money playing BJ.:laugh:
  16. noman

    noman Top Member


    There are no dimples on a bowling alley. There are a variety of other conditions one must adjust to as well as their own personal consistancy. But anyone whoever scored high at the Peterson did so by luck. (They had more than dimples on their lanes.
  17. toolman1

    toolman1 Active Member

    Don't have to change the odds by much

    With precise speed, arc, and hitting your "mark", you can hit the same dimple at the same speed and at the same angle. Then, with other "adjustments" your chances of a favorable outcome are increased - not by much, but they are better. Assuming you bet smart, as you know, craps carries a very low house edge. Just a minor "manipulation" of the outcome of a throw here and there can turn the odds in your favor.

    Keep in mind that in any game where the player's actions alter the results, there is usually a way of favorably doing it. The trick is finding it. Before Thorp, everyone thought BJ was unbeatable and we all know how wrong that turned out to be.
  18. Reachy

    Reachy New Member


    I can understand the rationale behind dice control and at least theoretically it sounds feasible. As with all these things though only hard data will convince. Are there any statistically significant studies that show that craps is beatable/controllable?


  19. toolman1

    toolman1 Active Member


    I don't know of any but maybe someday. Controlled dice shooting is relatively new and only a few (unless some are hiding) can do it effectively. Unfortunately, this does not readily lend itself well to computer simulation so that's out.
  20. noman

    noman Top Member

    Dice and Cryogenics

    Betting smart is one thing.

    Hitting a quarter inch spot, corner, protrusion, side angle, whatever of a particularly angled impression, indentation, dimple, (read side wall of dice table) with TWO independent objects, (at whatever controlled velocity, angle, arc, mind controlled ZEN wished for RESULT is beyond science fiction.

    Doing all of that, doesn't eliminate the proverbial "tap."
    Better the connivers who practice spare bowling in "league" for two years to establish the lowest possible average to enter a "HOINKE" or other Mult-Million tournament and suddenly turn it "on"


    Not everyone who played pre Thorpe was a ploppie. (Scarne is disssed, but had an inkling.) Many either instinctively knew or did the paper and pencil research to gain the edge. The inevitable variance, standard deviation, or "PLACE IN TIME" constant(read poker is a net zero game) disrupted what future computer numbers crunching would predict.


    A major league baseball player is successful three of 10 times. What a HERO. But that three of ten isn't necessarily a home run.(unless you're Barry Bonds,) It's (the three) only a hit. (Read min Bet) (Timing..Timing...Timing.)

    A pool or billiards player can know the geometry (consistant on the (present) table.) Take back slide, angle, force, aim, English, rail hardnesss or softness, pocket hardness or softness AND concentration and be successful 99 and 9/10'ths of the time. (Read min Bet) Introduce an inconsistant hitting surface as in the sides of a dice table and I MUST contend, not even a laser guided Robot can have ANY consistancy.

    Cerritos, much to my chagrin is, or has, and maybe is backing off the Routlette "thing." Mein Gott, the physcis involved. Come on! Unless it is a totally screwed wheel and set up. How long would that be in play?

    Not even Alexis Ivanovich's, brooding, reflective, convoluted Roulete system analysis of antiquity, could develop a consistant winable formula though it was just right then, for the plucking. (and for those on Global...ask the Venezuelan guest who keeps promoting "something".)

    You've seen the Keno and Baccart statisticians. Crap, let people with paper and pencil sit at the Baccaret tables. S. Yama takes the edge in Baccart in the swing. Not in statistical analysis.

    Okay, I've almost ranted enough, maybe. Physical prowess is one thing. Physical manipulation is best left done to magicians such as Marshall Sylver, though he don't get to deal the cards or set up the deck and he better not have anything up his sleeve.

    Dice manipulation is plain and simple charlatanism...Snake Oil Salesmanship, and "Savior" mentality. ... Where the only advantage is to the hustler promoting the sham.

    When they shut down all the dice tables in Vegas, or change the payouts similiar to 6-5 BJ, then you all can say "YOU TOLD ME SO!"

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