Club UBT analysis - 1 month review

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    Changes at Club UBT

    With the introduction of some new changes over at The Club I feel like the management has addressed some of my personal concerns.

    Concern #1: Difficulty in obtaining points when first starting out.
    Solution: Double points for the SNG’s. This was a great idea. Now for a fee of 10 TP’s you have a 1:7 chance of earning 100 TP’s or 1:7 chance of earning 40 TP’s. In addition they have a freeroll (zero cost) with the winner getting 10 TP’s. The freeroll aspect however, suffers from the same all-in mentality that was observed at the old playubt site. Since it costs nothing these SNG’s can be over in 1-3 hands. Very painful to play

    Concern#2: Not enough BJT
    Solution: There are more frequent offerings but this is still a concern of mine. While you can find a poker tournament (PT) almost every 30 minutes they still need to have more BJT. It is my belief that they (management of Club UBT) are counting the Barona internet qualifiers as something players want. What they forget is that once you’ve qualified there is no more reason to continue playing – unless they awarded the winners 50 TP in addition to qualifying for the November internet tourney.

    Concern#3: Inequality in paying of EBJ vs. Poker
    Solution: This is difficult to do because unlike poker where all players are ranked this doesn’t happen in BJT. Their current payout tables vary. I’ve seen $10 TP that only pay the semi-final and final tables while others pay out to the quarter-final tables. I wish I had a good solution for this dilemma but without further analysis I feel there will continue to be discrepancies in the payout between EBJ & Poker

    Concern #4: Lack of satellites for bigger events
    Solution: Holding of daily satellites for the cruise and monthly big tourneys. This is a great idea and I’m glad they caught on. I would like to see they offer 2 or 3 daily satellites for the 1000 and up tournaments. This gives more opportunities for the players just starting out.

    Overall I still feel that Club UBT is heavy handed to the poker side. The monthly 5,000 and 10,000 tourneys are good ideas. However they would be smart to have Team UBT actually playing online. I’ve said it in the past that players want to compete against “known” names. I mean being able to say you’ve beat player XYZ for some if worth more than TP’s.

    So far, so good with The Club. With the value of All IN and LVA membership I feel like Club UBT is a thumbs up!

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