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Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Other areas)' started by Den81, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Den81

    Den81 New Member

    Has anyone received their cruise documents yet? Or know when we might expect them?
  2. Drbass

    Drbass Member

    should receive confirmation numbers soon

    I received an email from Bonnie, customer service rep for Club UBT - she indicated that the confirmation number for the cruise will be sent soon to all winners. Don't have exact date - but usually such documents come about two weeks before the cruise, at a minimum.
  3. Den81

    Den81 New Member

    ok thanks DR...I have an email to the Club, but no response yet, just thought if they're mailing something out, they're cutting it close.
  4. pinklady

    pinklady New Member

    I just wanted to say... I can't wait..... Looking forward to meet all the cruise winners..... Anyone ready for the cruise yet or Packed yet?

    See yall at tables... Good Luck....

  5. Drbass

    Drbass Member

    See you there

    Pink Lady - we're also looking forward to meeting in person.

    Regarding the confirmation number, I checked my email again... and on 3/15 Bonnie wrote "I'll email you the confirmation number and cabin number next week."

    Guess email is the vehicle for transmitting the data - rather than snail mail.
  6. pinklady

    pinklady New Member

    I think we are suppose to get it today in email from Bonnie...

    18 more days!!!!!!!
  7. rlwabq

    rlwabq New Member


    Last week Bonnie had told me that we would recieve our documents Wed of this week. Randy
  8. OkJackman

    OkJackman New Member

    I just received a call from Bonnie with UBT. She had a question on my booking and stated that she was finishing the final paperwork. Sounds like we will be getting our documents soon. Yipeee!!!!!!!!! It's going to be a great time!
  9. pinklady

    pinklady New Member

    I hope its sooner than we think it is..... I cant wait.. I am ready to go...

  10. TedinNaples

    TedinNaples New Member

    Cruise docs received

    I received an email from Bonnie at ClubUBT at 1:34am with all the necessary info on the Club UBT cruise. This included my booking number, cabin number, info about the welcome party, location of the poker/blackjack room, seminars date/time, farewell cocktail party, and tournament schedule.
  11. pinklady

    pinklady New Member

    Me too...

    SEE YOU ALL ONBOARD!!!!!!!:)
  12. Den81

    Den81 New Member

    Ok, despite a small glitch, we're good to go and all documents received. 9 more sleeps! See you in Miami!
  13. pinklady

    pinklady New Member


    pinky is ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!! See you all onboard:laugh:

    I can't waitttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!

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