Congratulations Dr. Bass

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Other areas)' started by TXtourplayer, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. TXtourplayer

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    I just received an e-mail from Dr. Bass who informed me that he made the final table for the big tournament on the UBT Cruise. Didn't hear who any of the other players were in the finals.

    He told me the finalist all chopped the pot, didn't hear how much each player won. They had a total of 19 players for the blackjack tournament.
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  3. LeftNut

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    First of all, congrats to Dr. Bass and the others who made that final table.

    Oh, geez - Rick - please tell us that "19 entries" was a typo. For their so-called big tournament?
    If that wasn't a typo, it's a really sad statistic. :(
  4. sweetteabird

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    cruise final

    Hi guys...I got an email from bjmace earlier, said that he made the final table as well as Tedinnaples :) WTG TEAM MACE!!! They did chop it but played for bragging rights...Ted won first place, and bjmace placed 3rd :)
  5. TXtourplayer

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    Congratulations Ted

    Way to go Ted, that is three members that we know of that made the final table, (TedinNaples, DrBass, and BJMace). Congratulations to all three players.

    The 19 players was correct, but thats not unusual on the cruise tournaments. Passengers that are not part of the tournament group are not allowed to play in events not organized by the cruiseline.

    I have the same problem on my cruise events. If we could open the events up to ALL the passengers we could have alot bigger tournaments.

    I haven't heard how many poker players were at their event.
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    What was the prize fund?
  7. toonces

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    Congrats to Ted, DrBass and Mace!

    The entry fee was something like $200+$35. So, that means that the final 6 players probably split $3,800.

    From the wayback machine... LVA Forums, 1/9/08

    Looks like I was being overly optimistic back in January. :) My guess is that very few people bought an entry (for a small field, it was probably pretty difficult) and that the prize pool was made of almost entirely package winners using their free entry. But I would still guess that the Poker tournament will have around 30 entries (as poker is still more popular than BJ on ClubUBT).
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    Congrats To Everyone That Made The Final Table Even Tho There Was A Small Field
    Glad To See 3 From This Site Made It:d :d
  9. LeftNut

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    Congrats again to Dr. Bass, and also to Mace and especially Ted. Sounds like the three of you had a great time! :D
  10. bjmace

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    greetings frrValoom

    QUick post as at 75 cents a minute it has to be lol!
    Congrats also in line for spore who placed 2nd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In total there are around 180 people who booked/Won Via UBT on Boat so has been fantastic getting to meet so many online friends old and new,
    Poker had around 50 entrys but overlapped the EBJ so some players missed plaing.
    Poker was Won by Miami John

    Prize pool on EBJ was $4200 boosted by rebuys 1st was Ted, 2nd Spore, 3rd Myself With Dr Bass also making final Table not sure of his finishing postion sorry ! Was one of the best games played so far with a chopped pot gave us freedom to show of some great gameplay, but willl post more on this upon return!
    Have also ben playing sng's all week and with a 3,2,1 points system they have be running a leaderboard for prizes at end of cruise, from day 1 yours truely has been in postion 1 and am about 5 points clear at moment but all could change as have taken 2 nights off to give other a chance to catch me !!!!will try and keep you alll updated.
    2 more Poker and EBJ tourneys tomorrow and day after
    will post more about games etc when we return
    good luck to all
  11. toonces

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    Well, congrats to Spore as well! Looks like the cream of the crop at the final table. Sounds like the SNGs are where a lot of the action is at. Good Luck Mace...don't let them catch you!
  12. bjmace

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    Carnival have said anyone on ship can play but we can not openly promote it, I have been busy in Casino tonight making friends lol

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